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I will wait your answer for buying one, if the C3 work good with Pico slim ! thanks
Did you try your C3 with your pico slim ? I have a custom ES5 Westone… Work ok with the Hifiman 601 and pico slim…but i little bit to darkness for me !!
hey 225$ shipped to canada ? thank you
I have the same problem the left channel makes a slight hum and what... hrrrrr
made is sennheiser hd650 is too ?..  i live in montreal for shipping
ouff.... cowon  x7 450$ + amp pico 450$ or alo rx + alo mod 100$ = 1000$  WOW $$$   the best hm-601 for 250$ + card 32gb   :) lol
I do not know what you use  IEM say the 601 is really better than the j3 level sound so I took the 601 because I don' t need DAC!
I was wondering if anyone has already compared the cowon d2 or j3 .. x7 with the HM-602 at the qualitée sound? there are many who say they have seen no difference with IEM's less qualitée? now i have a cowon d2+, i have the x7 for these 160gb :) I coupled with the cowon.... amp  pico slim or alo rx... these are a good idea ? However I find that are very expensive and hm-602 would be a resonable level $ $ $ My prioritée is the sound of qualitée! I have now...
I do not understand! these $ 415 and you pay the shipping?
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