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Hi,   As the title suggests it's time to replace my aging and very used RP-HJE900's which have served me well with the Conwon J3.   With so many new kits on the market it's very hard to make the right decision. What i can tell you is that i loved the bass levels of the HJE900's however the high's were quite harsh and the in-ears become a little comfortable after a while.    So what i am seeking is a set of in-ears that have similar bass response to the HJE900's but...
It is the battery thats rattling around. I had the same problem with my older J3 and found the battery is stuck in place by two pieces of thin double sided tape. A shocking way to hold such a large battery inside the J3.  
Interesting enough i bought another J3 and it sounds better, is louder and doesn't suffer the battery drain issue of my first unit so it must of been a dud. Happy camper now.
I have had it for a while now,  thought it was normal for the battery issue. If i send it back it would go to Melbourne then back overseas so i wouldn't see it for at least a month or more. For the price it probably not worth the effort.
I have had some problems with my J3. Firstly it goes flat on it's own in about a week and that's fully turned off. Secondly the battery is moving around in the casing so it's come loose.   Previously i had a S9 and had no troubles with it, this J3 (well mine anyway) is a piece of crap.   I don't know what else to buy as there seems to be a lack of anything decent these days.
I have 2 sets of the HJE-900 (1 for a spare set as they are rare) and i absolutely love them. Once you have experimented with tips and get a good fit they sound fantastic. I have tried so many IEM's of late and the HJE-900's are the only ones where i can leave my Conwon J3 EQ settings totally flat across the board.
Ah, i have some triple flange tips and i have some Comply T400's also. Do the Comply T400's fit the HJE900's?
Radius DDM's if they are a good fit.
Yep.   I ordered my HJE900's from the UK to which were sent on the 20th December 2010 via Royal Mail's expensive International Signed For service and i only received them today in Australia, some 18 days later. I was quoted 6 six days transit time.   Useless if you ask me.
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