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 General rule of thumb would be: 0. Unplugged headphones1. Turn on amp, volume set to 02. Wait for it to warm up3. Plug in headphones4. Turn up the volume5. Rejoice! Same thing when turning it off: volume to 0, unplug headphones, turn off amp.
 I ordered on the 8th of June. Yours shouldn't be too long, I'd imagine. The time to get excited is now! I'll definitely look into finetuning my setup with some cones (if nothing else it will be visually more appealing than a piece of paper tarnishing the looks of the Elise). I had already planned to look for some replacement power tubes after I get a new DAC. While I've read nothing but good things here about both the GEC and Chatham tubes, I'm just a tad worried about...
Something arrived in the mail today! I wasn't expecting it at all, the last update I got from Lukasz was that the amp was being tested.   Visually Elise #14 looks great, although it wobbles a bit since the feet are slightly uneven. Nothing a piece of paper doesn't fix, though.   Initial impressions with the stock tubes are very good right out of the box. I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone that it is an improvement over my FiiO E9. The most obvious...
 Good news in my mailbox today!
 No chance to try out any DACs, sadly. Is there any reason in particular you dislike the Gungnir? I'll read up in the Yulong and Asus DACs, although a little voice in my head keeps telling me they surely must be worse value for money if you don't use the amp sections at all. The Benchmark DAC, being over 2000 euro, is definitely out of the question.   Thanks for making some suggestions, I have more reading to do!
I'm not getting any sort of fancy made-to-order high-end DAC or anything. I've been doing some research and I'm likely getting a Gungnir. I'd really like to keep it under 1000 euros, and the other DACs in this price range that I've read about all seem to have questionable USB implementation. Quality USB input is quintessential considering all of my listening is done through my PC. If anyone has any other suggestions for DACs, I'm all ears.  re: merging of the thread -...
I have a question that isn't related directly to the topic at hand, but since it's related to my being able to use the Elise, I was hoping you could help me anyway.   After I get the Elise, I will most likely need to wait for a bit before my new DAC arrives. At the moment, I'm using the FiiO E7 DAC docked into the FiiO E9 amp - as pictured below:     The E7 DAC itself does not have RCA output, but the E9 does have RCA line out sockets. As I understand it, hooking up...
I will be spending over 40 hours on airplanes over the summer.   Do you guys reckon these would be a good pick to use in-flight? From what I've read, they sound like a good choice.   Will they'd block out most of the annoying airplane noise? & How long can you wear them before your ears start to hurt?   Cheers!
Hi,   I've been looking around for a new DAC, and this one caught my eye - I just had two small questions.   1. I've read that the USB input results in reduced sound quality. Could anyone confirm/deny?   2. It seems like the DAC doesn't work at all with Windows 8.1. Is this an 8.1-specific issue, or will it not function in Windows 10 either?   Thanks!
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