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There are fake M50s, these clearly are.
Having used the Zalman clip-on microphone for about four years of competitive gaming, I can safely say that it is a wonderful product and simply works very well. You must have had a faulty one, because there is absolutely no noise on mine, quality is excellent.
LOL! Wood on electronics, what is this??? THE80S??? xDDD
You seem to have an amazing attitude. This question is ridiculous. Buy the Prada headphones!
  I had a 100 percent success rate on the track with the bongos; and the one where there's a massive artifact ruining the girls voice at the start. Cannot tell the third one apart at all though.
Using a FiiO E7 or E7 + E9 with my 595s had no real impact on the bass quantity I'm afraid. A DAC will increase the sound quality, whereas an amp literally made no audible difference.   After three years of using my 595s I've resorted to replacing them with a set of 650s... :)
Only 3. Sennheiser HD 595 for when I'm at home. Sennheiser HD 650 at uni. Brainwavz M2 for portable use.
You should most certainly never listen to stuff on youtube ever again :) That being said; I have the 595s myself. They don't have a lot of bass, that's simply a fact I'm afraid. I personally do like the bass since it's tight, but especially at low volumes there's not a lot of it. There isn't anything wrong with your headphones if they 'lack' bass. ;) I never noticed any burn-in with my pair. With regards to the Realtek thing being sufficient. It wasn't for...
Thanks for the quick replies guys! Budget is 300 euro, or 400 dollars, which is what the HD650 costs over here.   If you'd like to recommend some other headphones; as I said I listen to most genres, but not very often to classical, jazz or electronic. That being said, I'm still very much exploring music as a whole, so I wouldn't go with a pair of headphones that really don't work well with these genres.
Having read the topics I could find regarding this question, I couldn't really find an accurate answer to my question, so I thought I'd post my own thread.   So; I've owned the 595s for around three years now, I believe. I've been meaning to upgrade for a while, and with the upcoming holiday season it seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. Especially considering the 650s seem to have dropped around 50 euro in price. Let me start off by saying that I really do...
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