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wat?! a bass heavy k701??
maybe an westone 4? The ck10/b2 may fit the bill too though they are not quite on par with levels of detail. You might want to look into the k2 sp as well.   Otherwise, why not a universal custom? I'm sure there are iem companies (at least UM does) that will make universal versions of their custom monitor. Any since budget isn't a problem, you might want to look into something like a universal miracle. (I saw one FS forum some days ago)
I didnt receive your pm. Please try sending it again
FYI Westone does not allow warranty transfer. 
the usual does not ship to aus bs D: lol can someone buy it for us overseaers ? ;)
I'm the first owner of these iems, which are in as-new condition. Comes with all the accessories.   Price is 100 AUD shipped with in australia, or 90 plus shipping for oversea buyers. I'll eat the paypal.   No trades for the time being, but I'll look into a pair of re272.    Photos will be uploaded later when I'm free.    
woot where? I was just about to pull the trigger on a a AUD199 pair in australia
In terms of sound quality, they are about on par with um3x having better instrument separation and bass quantity, however, in terms of style they are quite different. The um3x has forward mids, less treble and slightly emphasized bass, while the w4 is more balanced. I personally found the w4 very 'correct' sounding yet less engaging to listen to. The um3x on the other hand is more intimate and exciting when it came to vocal. It can be a bit too intimate though if you're...
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Westone is holding a black friday sale, 25% off. Keep an eye on that
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