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i think they are 350 or soemthing like that
cool i sent you a pm. but from the listen from that link i am still unable to find a seller lol i guess they will never be in the US
does anyone know where i can find a seller that sells the edifier s530d? im in the us. been trying to find one so i can compare which one to get, which is this or the audioengine a5
ahh ok in that case. since i plan on getting the a5s and i will be using them for music, movies and gaming on my pc. d you guys think i should get the ht omega claro or should i go with the xfi cards?   also since it doesnt come with a sub what sub would go well with this speakers? i would want a sub where it is not over powering i was looking at the audioengine s8 but would like to know if there are choices? thanks for your help again
HEy guys i have decided to go with the audioengines  A5.  I will also be getting the ht omega claro plus sound card.  only question is how do i hook this speakers witht he card? from looking at the speakers thers no optical output on the back i only see the red and white outputs. or is that really the only way to hook these up to the sound card?
ok well do now the only problem i am having is where do i find those online for sale for a good price? i think amazon had them for 199.99 plus shipping
ahh ok sounds good. looks like i will go for the difiers since it comes with a sub and do you guys think i should get the creative soundcard or the ht omega one?
hey guys im looking to get new computer speakers. im coming from a set of 5500 and im looking to go with a 2.1 since having a 5.1 for a pc seems a bit too  much and  never used the surround speakers.    I current use a creative xtreme gamer sound card but am looking to upgrade the sound card to either the creative titanium or a ht omega.  is there a difference with pci express or the regular pci slots?  i would like to go optical instead of using direct...
Hey guys I used to have the M3 until my gf smashed them against the door, so now im looking to get new IEMS again. but im not sure which one i would like to get. When i had teh M3 they were freaking awesome but now i would like to try a different brand and see whihc one sounds a lot better. what do you guys  think
  LOL yea burning in sorry. pink and white noise ok. is there a time limit to burning  in?
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