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what no way. theres got to be an easier way or different cables.   there is no optical output for this card    
how do i hook up my z5500 to this soundcard? thanks for the help.
which iem would benefit more from using an amp? i used to have a pair of m3 but my gf smashed them. and i read alot from here that the re0 are also really good but dont have a lot of bass in them. so which one should i get that would benefit more from an amp? will be ordering these 2 things in a week or so after i get my audioengine a5 :P
    wow i like eth size of the m6 sub nice and small. are there another subs that are like this?    
ok so i hook that fiio l3 to the e11 and my headphones to the e11? will adding an amp really make a difference in listening of music? if it does i will no doubt get one to try lol.  
I dont really care about size just dont want something that is huge as it will be used in my room and under my desk. i think i would like an 8 in or 10 in sub.  
i have heard it without and with a sub.
I have ordered my A5 and now ia m looking for a sub to go with it. Im looking for a sub that isnt boomy. i like more of a tight bass sound. my budget is about $200 but might be able to go $300 but i would like to spend less if possible.  the system will be used with my computer which i use the speakers for music, movies, and games (BF3).   The only sub i have looked at is the audioengine S8 but $350 seems alot. so please help me out     Thanks in advice
so i plan on getting the m3 or the re0. i will be using the iems with iphone or my ipod touch.  i was contemplating if i should see if there is any use of having an amp. the amp i was thinking of getting was the e11. and since this would be the first time i would be using an amp im not sure what the use is for lol.  what do you guys think? is there any reason why i should try out an amp?
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