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I was thinking about getting the Audioengines A5 but then i decided i wanted to do something of my own type of build with an amp and everything.  i figure it would be fun and can always upgrade on different parts of the setup.   As of now I think i only want to get speakers and an amp.  Then the sub later on.  i guess right now I am leaning towards the pioneers that newegg had on sale, but are there better ones to get that would allow me to hold off the sub for a bit?
What brand should i look into for my speakers?For the sub i was thinking the energy s10.3 but its a bit expensive.
The speaker system is pretty dam expensive. What would be the difference in that and me building my own?
hello everyone,  I going to do my first awesome speaker and amp setup for my pc.  But I am not sure what I should be getting.  I was thinking of these speakers:   Today is the last day but I read these usually go on sale quite often.     Do you have other suggestions with other speakers, type of...
I just received my CKM50 and I just want to say they are freaking awesome.  I only have the M4 to compare them too and i think the CKM50 sound a lot better lol err very different
whats the difference between these 2? I had the M3's before they got smashed from a closing door :(.  And as aorund the mp4nation site i noticed that they didnt have the M3's anymore but they had the M4's.  After reading the reviews what will be the difference between these 2 IEMs?     Thanks for your help guys
Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has done this.  If so what would be some good sats to go with the z5500 sub? also would that be a good idea to do?
ooo yeah i didnt know that was optical LOL awesome thanks for the help guys  
are you talking about the mmx 101 ones? or the mmx100? if i miss out on the mmx101 is it worth getting the mmx 100?     hey guys any idea if these are good headphones? the mmx 101 is about to go on sale in amazons lighting deal. would like to know if its worth it or not to get the mmx 100 or the mmx 101, and would like to know if there is any difference. thanks guys
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