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So i got the amp already and it came with a vonage ac power adapter. Most ghetto i have ever seen but it works. Now i just need for those speakers to go back on sale.Btw have you gotten your set yet?
The weirdest thing happened to my bank card and my order got canceled. I doubled checked my bank if i had money and i did. The Amp is on the way but now i may have to go with the bs41 lol. Dam banks making me spend more money.
Alright guys i purchased the bs21 for $45 on newegg and ordered the lepai amp. Hopefully the amp doesnt give me any issues and everything sounds sexy.
Hey guys after much thought and talk with my fiancee, I wont be able to the emotiva mini amp anymore.  so will the lepai amp be ok for the bs41 or the bs21?  which speaker will work better with that amp?
  i dont mind going up in size to a 5 in woofer than adding a sub with those size speakers.
OK after much thought. I think I will spend a bit more money on the speakers and get the sub later down the road.    the only speakers that i have looked at have only been the pioneer sp-bs21.  But I reda reviews that there isnt that much bass and that I will probably need a subwoofer.    are there any speakers that are about the same size as those pioneer that will give out a bit more bass?  Now I am not a basshead, so i wouldnt want anything that over powers...
By any chance can you link me a few subs that would work with option B? I think i would go with that option.
That Harmon AMP is way too big to put on top of a desk lol, hell the emotiva one I think might be a little long to fit on my desk.    So in terms of better sound, power, and quality I should go with the emotiva.  I dont really use headphones, so I guess I wouldnt really take advantage of the headphone AMP on the N22.   pairing a sub to the emotiva AMP shouldnt really be a bi hassle correct? or would it be a bitch to really do?
I was looking at amps online and i came across the Audioengine and the Emotiva minixa 100   these are cheaper than the topping and im not sure what the real differenecs are between those 2.  I really want an amp that will allow me to add a sub woofer later on in the future and it seems the N22 makes it alot easier not sure how to do it...
Ok guys i have made a decision. I think i will go with the B21s since they are a bit smaller and cheaper. I will get a sub later on, so what type of amp should i get and what other equipment will i need to make everythign sound awesome from playing games, music, and movies.  this will be plugged into my computer
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