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Hey guys I just received my bs21 speakers and WTF THESE BITCHES ARE ******* BIG. At first ithought they sent me the wrong model or something but WTF THESE ARE FREAKING HUGE compared to my SZ. I dont know how people use these for desktop speakers LOL. Which I am in a dilinma now, my gf desk is SMALL LOL and I assumed these were goign to be small lol. Anyways time to compared the speakers lol
Hey guys I just purchased the pioneer bs21 speakers since they were on sale for $40 and I was wondering if it is possible to wall mount these speakers?  the speaker itself dont have any wall mount holes or anything like that.  How would I go about wall mounting them on a wall?
hey guys I forgot to ask or mention, but I have a creative xtreme gamer sound card. Would it be wise to upgrade my soundcard a creative titanium hd, Asus DX, or Asus STX?
hmm inspecting them, it seems to me that this glossy finish can get scuffed pretty easily.  hmm but they do look extremely nice I must say.
Hi  guys, just received my nht speakers, now i am waiting on my emotiva amp to come in.  I still have the lapi amp do you guys think it would be able to power them?
  No I have not yet.  But i did pick out my amp which will be the Emotiva mini amp.  Not sure how I would hook up a sub to the amp though.  One of the sales person said I would be able to hook up a sub using the RCA outputs but it would be an optimal solution as I wouldnt be able to control the volume of the sub.  The other solution would be to find a sub that has high level input and output and do it that way.   Would there be any difference in going those routes for a...
change of small plans.  After looking around on the internet i stumbled across the nht super zero speakers for $77 per speaker.  So i went ahead and canceled my newegg ordered and spent a bit more on some speakers.    hopefully i choose excellent speakers, as the reviews would indicate. 
    lol yeah i ordered them
Dam I think im just going to wait.  The bs 41 look huge compared tot he bs21s lol.
I was looking around the internet and on ebay i found some energy take 2.2 mini speakers.  here is the link   any idea if these speakers are good and what should my max be if I were to bid on them?   also I found these on craigslist   between these 2 which would be better?   or should i continue to wait for the pioneers to go back on...
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