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So I guess the only way I can use an amp is get the 9 pin adaptor thing and use an LOD cable I order to even use an amp with it?Or do I get the adaptor, cck adaptor, and then LOD cable?
Lol double side taped and taping everything together?I was looking at the cck do those work on the iPhone 5? The connector looks like the old 30 pin vs the 9 pin.How good is the internal dac of an iPhone vs Samsung?
Are cck and power hubs expensive? Having all those connected, wouldn't it be a hassle to carry around?
Damn those are wayyyy to dam expensive. So none of the fiio one will work then or another cheap one?
are there any DACs that will work with an iphone 5?
Which product works best with external DAC's? what are the pros and cons for each one? From what i have been reading or been told, is that Apple products aren't able to use external DAC/AMP and are stuck with the internal DAC in the iphone, while Android phones are compatible with many different DAC's. Was looking through the site and noticed this sub on sale? Been trying to find reviews but have been unsuccessful. Anybody read or know where I can find a review
What is the difference between the 2? I'm trying to see what type of subwoofer I should pair with my nht SZ 2.0 speakers. I use the speakers with my computer.
  LOL that picture that classical guy had it looked small, looked about the same size of the SZ.  But man when i got them I LOl'ed then I went WTF
Not going to lie these pioneers sound pretty dam good with the Lepai amp. the height doesnt bother me but the width it seems so wide sitting on a computer desk lol. I guess I will just either have the pioneers sitting in my closet or hooked up to the tv. but the pioneer setup would not be a bad HT starter system on teh cheap whenteh sub and center go on sale.
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