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I see that the Little ego is on sale for $99 on emotiva right now.  What is the big differences between the big ego vs little ego?  Is it worth it for me to just get the little ego as a basic dac/amp to use on my work laptop?
 sigh i formatted my pc and everything was going great now im getting the same issue.  in my device manager i get a SB Recon3D PCIe and Sound Blaster Audio Controller, and everything else is the high definition audio device. i dont know why im getting this issue.  i will try the bios update next i suppose
I have tried using the other slots to no avail. The card actually does not show up in device manager but I do have a sound blaster audio controller, a bunch of high def audio controllers. I have tried uninstalling those high def audio driver but it keeps on installing itself ( windows 7 issue?)I will try clearing CMOS and also try the fully uninstall drivers you showed me.Anyone else have this issue? I'm using an ep45-ud3p motherboard.
Has anyone had any issues with the ZxR not being detected? I just got the card and for a few weeks it has been working properly, then all of a sudden I have no sound. Creative auto update doesn't even detect the card at all and when I try to open the control panel I get a message says I don't have a supported device. I have reinstalled the drivers and reseated the card a few times. I even went out to buy another ZxR just to see if I need to rma but it happened to that...
dang that geek pulse looks sexy.  what would you guys recommend for my first DAC and headphone amp unit?  ill be hooking it up to my computer and using my amp.
What do you guys think of this? I'm thinking of getting one for my setup. Will be my first external dac
O and I think I will be going with the zxr, but not sure if I would use the ACM or the daughter board
Thanks salx. Would you happen to know if you can connect the computer front audio ports to the zxr? I hate that I always have to hook up my mic through the back right now
so i have the hd 598 and i also have monitor speakers hooke dup to my desktop which sound card would be best for me?   iv been looking at the zxr and the asusxonar st or stx. 
So I guess the only way I can use an amp is get the 9 pin adaptor thing and use an LOD cable I order to even use an amp with it?Or do I get the adaptor, cck adaptor, and then LOD cable?
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