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 You can do that if you desire a "new" set, but their pricing on an "all in repair" is $130 plus shipping. But I guess you already knew that, new tips and new cable is essentially "new" to me. I've warrantied an Hf3 with them before and was just sent the headset, no accessories, so if you were thinking you'd get a whole new set.... **** eh, my apologies. I re-read the site, it looks like they send you a code for a 40% discount after submitting yours for what would be a...
I'd like to compare it with my RHA 750, which I really like. My brother in law bought a pair of the T10i's for business travel, but he lives about 600 miles away    Thanks for the offer!
Thanks anyways eke2k6 and Idsynchrono_24, I'm pretty sure these won't "work" for me but I'd like to hear them to make sure. The form factor doesn't usually work for me but there have been the occasional exception. Someday
Who's sponsoring the tour rockets? I'd like to get on the list please
I think the HiFiMan stuff works great with the ER4. Especially the ER4S which requires a lot of juice to really run well. I'm not sure on the output level of the clips, but the 601/602/603 drives them well and adds little warmth if you're so inclined.
Awesome ! but doesn't it bother your OCD that the tin is reversed ?
for what it's worth they're pretty comfortable with Westone Star tips
Is there something about the sound signature that disagrees with you? I'm not sure there's much in the way of reviews for those here. 
Thanks guys. I've been looking at both of those models. The t10 and the rocket. That helps a lot. I'd still prefer a more narrow nozzle. Rocket MIGHT work
Try foam tips with them, even the newer STAR tips help quite a bit. Yes they can be sibilant
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