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Stretch them a little, there's posts on the review site to this effect. I've become used to them and I have a big noggin.    It's also about where you position them on your head. I prefer them over over ears at work as they won't mess up your 'doo.   The pads and band break in over time, it does take some adjustment but worth it IMO
contact etymotic. check their site for the trade in offer. Get a new pair with warranty for $90
Hooray for F1! I hope you score a pair.
Amazing and nice offer. I'd love to try these but have never pulled the trigger. I'd like to see more trades, and really non-permanent ones. I think it's the best way for those of us without the disposable income to experience some of these rare or out of our reach headphones. I'm thankful that I've found my IEM's in a nice simple old reliable ER4, to have found my endgame in an IEM is a pretty rare thing. Of course I'm thankful for my friends and family, and the life I...
I like the hifiman players with the ER4S, I think they compliment it nicely, but YMMV. I thin the combination of warmth and power really make them sound great.   Darkinners- my tips do that too, I just attribute it to oily canals, doesn't cause a problem beyond cosmetic for me. Westone star tips work well for me with these for a slightly less isolating fit. There's always foam, Westone, Comply, Shure all fit. Also, your fit looks about right to me with tri-flange, but I...
A steal at that price, if I didn't have 2 I'd buy them. Good luck on your sale !
This is kind of an interest check at this point. Times have changed, I no longer need the IEM arsenal I have and I'm looking for a pair of sealed headphones for my son.    I need fairly decent durability, he unfortunately  is not interested in the M50 I suggested. He listens to a lot of dubstep and electronic music, a solid but not overpowering lowend would be preferred.    Interested in Sennheiser Momentums (But also the HD 600/650/700 for me) full size, AKG...
Their pricing for ER4 repairs is on their site. Prices are not inclusive of shipping, they ship UPS usually
 You can do that if you desire a "new" set, but their pricing on an "all in repair" is $130 plus shipping. But I guess you already knew that, new tips and new cable is essentially "new" to me. I've warrantied an Hf3 with them before and was just sent the headset, no accessories, so if you were thinking you'd get a whole new set.... **** eh, my apologies. I re-read the site, it looks like they send you a code for a 40% discount after submitting yours for what would be a...
I'd like to compare it with my RHA 750, which I really like. My brother in law bought a pair of the T10i's for business travel, but he lives about 600 miles away    Thanks for the offer!
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