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I think the HiFiMan stuff works great with the ER4. Especially the ER4S which requires a lot of juice to really run well. I'm not sure on the output level of the clips, but the 601/602/603 drives them well and adds little warmth if you're so inclined.
Awesome ! but doesn't it bother your OCD that the tin is reversed ?
for what it's worth they're pretty comfortable with Westone Star tips
Is there something about the sound signature that disagrees with you? I'm not sure there's much in the way of reviews for those here. 
Thanks guys. I've been looking at both of those models. The t10 and the rocket. That helps a lot. I'd still prefer a more narrow nozzle. Rocket MIGHT work
Try foam tips with them, even the newer STAR tips help quite a bit. Yes they can be sibilant
Do you realize you now have two open sales for this? 
Pm sent
Thanks Dweaver. I knew you were a good choice, great updates.    I'm wondering if it's a fit/tip issue. I believe  |joker| seems to think the 750 is more bassy than the GR07, which wasn't how I heard it. I got a deeper fit with the GR07 due to the nozzles. Anyhow, it's a great reference point. I'm still VERY interested in these. Love the changeable tips.
I second dweaver's nomination. He does some great reviews here and it would be good to see his responses.   I've got a pair of the 750's and  I really like them, comparison versus those and the IE800's I currently have would be nice.   If you can fit me in great, if not, seriously consider dweaver, and also the usuals like |joker|, james444, currawong, etc
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