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do you happen to know of any cords for this model with a remote or mic i cant find anthing
is there anything?
thanks guy but does anyone know if there is a cable for the shures that has a remote and mic?
ok well i appriciate the help im almost settled on the shure 440's with the iluv connector but was wondering if there was a better remote/mic combo extender or preferably just a brand new cable with a mic and remote  ps by remote i mean volume up and down and play and pause thanks!
hey gus thanks for all the replies i was wondering if anyone had heard about the Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones (Black) also how do these compare to dre beats? im kinda tired of mycousin  raving on and on about how amazing they are... its annoying haha thanks for the help
where could i purchase these?
thanks but is there anything with a removeable cord and a remote?
hey guys just wondering what brand has the best kind of eartips thanks
btw for on ear headphones i would like only one cable to be in the headphone also the headphones will be in a ipod touch 4g and an asus 500gb laptop 
hey guys christmas is coming up and being 15 and turning 16 in 2 months i asked my family for one thing: car money however my family is quite old fashioned and shot down my request saying that if i ask for car money its not working for a car and it dosent build character and blahbity blah so i am now getting things that i dont really need just for the heck of it. so head phones popped into my mind because my current pair are hanging by a thread. literally. (or i guess it...
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