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Yeap, the inner grills are part of the casing
I'm not sure if anyone has done this mod before but I'll post here anyway. I've thought of this idea of removing the inner grill after I realized HD650 does not have inner grill. I guess the reason they placed an additional grill in HD555 is to control the sound leakage. Since I mainly use the headphone in my room, so here goes the mod... The casing Inner grill removed Mod done However, I couldn't comment on the changes of sounds due to this...
I'm planning to recable my headphone with Canare StarQuad. Should I ground the shielding?
I'm currently using Altec Lansing vs4121. I'm wondering if it's possible to by pass the volume control, bass & treble control while retaining the subwoofer output?
Quote: Originally Posted by J@ck Hi chych You can drop most of the dual opamps in the Fubar. Some popular op-rolling candidates are AD823, AD827, AD797 (single op), LT1122 (single op), LT1361…etc. If you want to use single OPAMPs like the AD797, LT1122 or SOIC ones like the AD8260, you will need an adaptor. There are two spots in the Fubar you can change the OPAMP, the position U6 is for LPF and the U5 is for DC servo. Please report back to the forum...
Quote: Originally Posted by d00dz I wouldn't recommend blowing through the grill since you might get moisture in the voice coils of the drivers and cause corrostion/oxidation. You can always use tape and carfully remove the creases like that. Or how I do it, is take the whole driver out and use a needle from behind and gently "push" the crease from the inside of the drive until it pops into place. After your done be sure to gently strech the diaphram...
I tried washing the pads with detergent and thrown it in the dryer for half an hour. Nothing went wrong except part of the dye came off and it's much cleaner now EDIT: I was refering to my SR60 stock pads
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