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 I'm sure secrets must be kept secret but is this implying that Bifrost will be replaced/discontinued, or that Bifrost 2 is more than a year away. I for one would be excited for even more upgrades to the current Bifrost. Although you've already made good on your promise of upgradability with the current Bifrost. Keep up the great work Jason and co.!
Vali is the right choice. I own a bifrost uber and lyr2 which I use with HE560. I was planning on selling my HD600 untill I tried them with the Vali. Now I have a dragonfly 1.2 with the Vali and HD 600 combo. Prefer the HD600 with Vali even more than with the Lyr 2. It really is a special match. I wasnt a believer in synergy until hearing the Vali with the Senn.
 Very cool setup. I'm curious, what pads do you have on your HE-6's?
Looks like the pop was more of a plastic creak/pop. Figured it was the actual headband or yolk making the noise. Pops even when the cup isn't sealed. I just twisted the phones all over the place and was able to recreate it. Rant over. And yes, those audeze look gorgeous in carbon fiber. So are they a replacement to the LCD 3?
For me it happens completely unplugged. Deff the diapharam flexing. I even removed the little stickers on the foam behind the pads. Thought it might have been that. Otherwise not a big deal. They still sound fine regardless.
Nah, I'm incredibly particular about taking care of my headphones. Only reason I noticed the popping. Well thanks for the laughs all.
Lol. Open or closed this noise only happens with the HE560. Just seeing if its normal with others on the forum. Even though its open there is still a seel to your head that sort of pops the driver when you take the cans off. Strange.
Hello all. I wanted to make a quick poll and see if anyone else experiences this. When you have the headphones on your head and you pull one cup away from your head so the seel is broken, do you get a quiet popping sound? My first pair did it and my second pair as well. Sounds like the driver is making the noise. I basically took of the outer metal mesh and still makes the sound. Just curious if anyone else can replicate when breaking suction to your head. Doesn't happen...
It will be a very large improvement depending on what your amp is capable of. I started this journey with a MSII and its in a box in my basement somewhere still. . I then used a dragonfly, quite a large improvement. Then bifrost, and now bifrost uber USB 2.0. I have rarely been more sure about something as I am that you will appreciate the improvement. My two cents.
Trying out some bugle boys this morning with some John Mayer.
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