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Agreed, it's a well made cable but a little short for my needs. A foot or two longer would have been nice.
They just arrived! Letting them burn in with a modified EF-5 amp and Uber Bifrost while I'm at work.  
Awesome! Good luck all!
Was previously using a ibasso dx50 with the vali. Now I'm trying a Schiit bifrost uber. Meant I was using a different DAC.
Trying a better front end out with the vali. It scales up pretty darn well.
The Schiit Vali is a great starting point to see if tubes are your thing. It is a fantastic pairing with the newest driver versions of the HD 600 and HD 650. Good luck on your new amp purchase!    I'm curious, what is your source in your setup?
I have never used the EQ. My opinions are regarding the EQ being OFF on both firmwares.    To clarify, my setup is as follows:   DX50 Firmware 1.2.6 > Line out audioquest cable to Vali > Sennheiser HD600.  Volume set at 228 on DX50.  
Agreed 100%. I didn't believe the firmware "audio quality" changes myself until changing to 1.2.7. Really took most of the enjoyment out of listening to the DX50. I also received a new Schiit Vali a little while after getting 1.2.6 and was blown away by the sound. (I attributed the sweet euphoric sound to the new amp, but after trying 1.2.7 I have to give more credit to the sound of 1.2.6 than to the Vali. Just my 2 cents. Even though 1.2.7 fixed a lot of errors and fixed...
 I couldn't have put it better myself. Also, I found myself in a trance with a goofy grin on my face for an entire hour, even though I only had a half hour lunch break. Good stuff indicator.
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