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Thanks for sharing the review. The first impressions I have agreed woth 100%. I still own the HE-500 and the HE-560 is fantastic but I can't get rid of the 500 yet. I would miss the addictive and up-front midrange and impactful bass. It's a fun headphone for sure. The new pads also help with comfort, my only real complaint regarding the HE-500.
So sorry for your loss Jason. If your dad was anything like you and your company I'm sure he was fantastic man. Hang in there. 
 Interesting. Funny how we all can have such varied opinions on these. I found the Focus pads to be the most comfortable pads I have ever used (I have smallish ears) and the build quality has also taken a leap forward since the velours and pleathers. I was very happy with them. Even ordered a pair for my HE-500 as the velours I find very, very uncomfortable (one of the main reasons I purchased the HE-560 was for comfort). Anyways, thanks for your impressions.
Agreed, it's a well made cable but a little short for my needs. A foot or two longer would have been nice.
They just arrived! Letting them burn in with a modified EF-5 amp and Uber Bifrost while I'm at work.  
Awesome! Good luck all!
Was previously using a ibasso dx50 with the vali. Now I'm trying a Schiit bifrost uber. Meant I was using a different DAC.
Trying a better front end out with the vali. It scales up pretty darn well.
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