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I don't think it has been mentioned; but this 'X' also has a MUCH improved memory wire, versus the one that came on the older Savant, Savanna, etc.      New cable on the left, old cable on the right.   It's similar to the one on the newer Westones if you're familiar with that one. It holds a soft and gradual curve around the ear. And in case you're interested, it is the standard 'old' Westone or two-pin 'custom IEM' pin configuration. So you can go nuts on aftermarket...
 Nope- if you simply rotate them 180 degrees, the wire will hit your ear lobes. If you reverse them (L/R > R/L) the housing will get in the way and you'll probably find it impossible to get a decent seal. If I recall there are certain IEMs you can do this with (Sennheiser IE80?); but this isn't one of them.
 Despite their size, not heavy at all. I'd almost call them light considering their size. Side by side I can't really feel the weight difference between these and TripleFis or Westones.
 Vs. the Savant, less HF. Not overly warm by any means, but definitely tonally warmer than the Savant.
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Keep the posts coming!  MUCH appreciated- it's all I have this year.  
pm sent!
 Let's hope for a happier ending! 
I would do this if it is NOT in the next two weeks.  Saturday would be preferable.
 In October- usually the last weekend.  So for 2015, my best guess would be 24/25, assuming it will be two days.
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