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Keep the posts coming!  MUCH appreciated- it's all I have this year.  
pm sent!
 Let's hope for a happier ending! 
I would do this if it is NOT in the next two weeks.  Saturday would be preferable.
 In October- usually the last weekend.  So for 2015, my best guess would be 24/25, assuming it will be two days.
Oh- I actually meant at this meet.  There are many members of Head-Fi that either live in the Tokyo area or fly in for the show.  And often they will have a meet either the Friday before or shortly after the show.  They will usually start a thread under this sub-forum to see who is coming out.  In that thread, you can ask if somebody has (whatever) and they might be kind enough to bring it.
 In short, no.  I remember one company a while back had one of their vintage headphones in a display case for show only.  But the manufacturers generally stick to what's new.  That one 'privateer' collector might have something rare like those Yamaha orthos.  But honestly your best  bet for hearing something like an R10 would be if one of the Head-Fi members brings his, which happened a few years back when we had a private room.  I also brought my K1000s that time....
After picking up the YAXI pads along with an MDR-CD900st from Tokyo, I proceeded to do the swap right after a brief listen to each headphone with their stock pads.     The YAXI pad is made of protein leather and is pictured on the right cup (above).  On the MDR-7506 the thickness of the two pads is close, with the YAXI appearing a bit more supple and definitely feeling such.     Another difference between...
秋・ヘッドフォン・祭 (Fall ∙ Headphone ∙ Festival)   October 25-26, 2014   ____________________________     Here we are again with the Fall 2014 edition of the Headphone Festival put on by Fujiya AVIC of Nakano, Tokyo.  Just like the last show in May, this one was held at Nakano Sun Plaza which is located just a few minutes walk from the Fujiya AVIC store itself.     Nakano Sun Plaza (tall building, middle) houses large meeting facilities, a concert hall, as well as a...
 Can we confirm that the serial numbers ran uninterrupted?  I see a lot of some numbers (4xxx, 7xxx, 10xxx, etc.) but little or none of others.  I'm guessing this will vary radically from user to user just based on each individual's HRTF- particularly with the K1000.http://stereos.about.com/od/Headphones/ss/Why-Headphones-Sound-Different-to-Different-People_3.htm#step-heading
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