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 Nice! Can't get enough of the HE500 and Silver Widow pairing myself.
Whoops, left out the name of the cable. Silver widows for my he 500 ūüėÄ
This is going to sound cliche but these cables are truly special. I had absolutely no complaints about the wait, I knew it was going to be long. However, I was beginning to fear myself over hyping the product as time went on. Now that I have them, I can honestly say that these cables have easily exceeded my expectations.   To my ears, the biggest improvement so far is the 3D presentation of the music. For example, not only has the instrument separation improved but the...
Christmas in August ^_^
 Cool, thanks!
 Mainly user ones, but labels are cool too. This is mainly for exploration so no specific genres in mind. Although I tend to favor folk/black/atmospheric/progressive. When it comes to metal, there is so much good stuff that I often have trouble discovering new music because I already enjoy what I have.
There might be a post about this somewhere in the thread but are there any recommendations in regards to band camp profiles? I've been following metal-Fi but was hoping for some more good ones.
I recall noble audio having one at their booth for the March socal meet.
Interested in this as well. K10s might be what's next for me.
Just registered, looking forward to next week!
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