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Beautiful cables!
I'm a toxic cable supporter but I am okay with the posts regarding frustrated customers from the long wait. My patience actually stems from those posts..   At this point you kind of just forget about your order and consider it a pleasant surprise when it comes. Enjoy the thread and the lovely pictures. I placed my order knowing this and I am happy to wait for the cables.
Just wanted to say thanks to all who were involved. Definitely a lot of fun.   Notables for me: -IEM: Noble audio. Not in the market for IEMs but "couldn't hurt to try" i thought.. Well Im considering the customs Kaiser 10s now.   -Closed: Alpha dogs. Just wonderful off the Liquid glass. Not really in the market for closed headphones either but once again.. very tempting.   -I liked quite a few headphone amps. The ones I tried with my HE500s were: liquid glass,...
Hey guys, how do the LCD2s pair with the emotiva?
Awesome news, big fan of sigh.
Moonsorrow - Verisakeet
I will be bringing my HE500s (stock cables) to try out with some of the awesome amps. Let me know if any of you guys want to demo them too.
 Yeah you're right. I am in! Looking forward to the event.
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