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 Yeah, I've read the laid back comment too many times in various threads (for various genres too). Definitely wont be going in that direction. The good news is I'll save a good chunk by going with the HE6s as well.
 I've been gearing up for the HE6 purchase. Decided on those because I've read enough to know that HE1000s would be more of a luxury purchase, rather than a practical one. 
Gearing up for the HE6s. Although I havent been able to demo the HE1000s, Ive read enough to know that it would like be a luxury purchase, rather than a practical/useful one. I have demoed the HE6s a few times and thoroughly enjoyed them. I guess whats held me back this entire time is the potential regret I may have if the HE1000s ended up being superior (relative to musical preference.) 
 Was wondering which headphone (or any other HE1000/HE500 owner) you would describe as more engaging/forward. The HE500 or HE 1000
 Don't have a speaker amp but HE6 and WA5 pairing appears to have a positive impression. HE1000s would definitely be easier to drive but I'm concerned that the pairing would have an even more laid back sound signature.
 I see. Currently leaning towards the HE6s. Much cheaper and more suitable for metal. Hopefully I'll get a chance to at least demo the he1000s soon.
 Was pretty excited for the HE1000s, but based on your impressions and the impressions I've read, they may not be the ideal match for metal. I am moving more towards the atmospheric and progressive stuff though rather than the super speedy stuff. Sounds like the HE1000s would be a nice much for the atmospheric stuff but not so much for the speed.
 Thanks! great read!
  Would love to hear more thoughts on the HE1000 and the WA5 pairing (which I have). That is a potential option for me but currently I am leaning towards getting the HE6s.
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