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Wondering if anyone has the following 300bs: psvanes hifi series, Treasure markI or mark II.
Excited for the new Enslaved album. Been listening to a lot of the older stuff, seems to get better and better.
Been wanting to upgrade to the HE6s for awhile now. Currently hesitating because I'm really enjoying my HE500s (recently did the grill/pad mods) right now and the HE1000s are on the horizon. Hopefully some good deals start showing up for the HE6s.
Just removed the stock mesh. Currently no plans to add another grill but will definitely have to be careful and stores these in the original Hifiman box so that dust doesn't accumulate.
 Thanks for the suggestion.
Noticed there was some discussion a few pages back on "socket savers" and I've noticed that some of these pictures have plugs that the tubes go on top of. Are socket savers beneficial or are those just adapters.
 Yeah, always been curious about the RS1s.
Any impressions on the Grados RS1 (i or e) and the WA5?   Enjoyed the Grados sr325i for a few years before upgrading to the HE500s and sometimes miss the sound.
Inspiring, really. Big attraction to metal for me is the passion.
 I asked a similar question when I first got my WA5. Everyone advised me to switch out the stocks ones so I ended up changing out the stock tubes pretty quickly (2 weeks in). I still don't really have a 300b tube but love the sound so far. I'm almost at the point of being skeptic that it could get any better if I replace the 300bs. Tubes used: Rectifer tube: Brimars and Driver tubes: GE 6sn7 Also, good thing I changed them out because I discovered that my 6sn7 bad boys...
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