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Thanks everyone. The HD 800s are so highly regarded that I figured it would be great to add to my collection. However, I've only demoed them a few times and they didn't wow me like the HE6s did (metal genres only). And I'm not sure how much realistic play time they would get atm. Nevertheless wanted to do some due diligence and read up on them.
   Nice, thanks for the input! 
Definitely planning to comb through the thread, but any initial/quick thoughts on the HD 800 for metal? I have the he 6 and love them but with the HD 800 being priced at $999,im kind of tempted to get them. At least I know they would be great for soundtrack, classical, etc.
Enjoyed the ChordTT for a few hours at the recent Socal canjam. Definitely itching to make the purchase now. Sound just felt more impactful to me.
 Very welcome. Enjoy! Moonsorrow gets better and better with each session.
Favorite album to ringing in the New Year.   
Happy new year everyone.
Perhaps the Holidays has me itching for an upgrade, but does anyone have experience coming from the Yulong DA8? Any comparisons or comments would be appreciated!
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