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 I'm using the official balanced card that came with my 901s.  Hmm it sounds like it could be this amp card causing this?  Have you tried whether your battery drains in shutdown with the balanced card installed?
Thanks Zniper. Looks like I should ask for a replacement unit.
My 1-month old HM901s seems to have a problem with properly shutting down (after going through Settings->Power Off->Yes, not just entering sleep mode).  The problem exists with both firmware version 2.003 and 2.004.   For example, I charged the battery overnight and checked this morning to make sure it's fully charged.  Then I powered off the DAP and went to work. This evening I turned the HM901s back on after getting home and found the battery about 40% discharged, and...
Hi dinkoy,   I received your PM but couldn't get back to you because of daily limit of two PMs. So I have to communicate via posting. If you want me to delete this post afterwards, please let me know.   I am located in New York. I just noticed you are located in the Philippines...  somehow I assumed you were in the US as well. I apologize but I need the IEMs quite urgently so international shipping from Asia will not work in this case and probably will be too...
PM sent
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