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  Here's mine, serving my HD650 well.
This is classic.. literally! (ipod - fostex hp-p1 - ue900)
Compared to the stock cable, the changes quite subtle, in a positive way. A bit brighter and make the iem sound faster. You gonna lose a bit sub bass. I'm preety happy with the build quality of it, nothing to complain. It's very well made. Cheers!
You could get this hub easy on ebay.By plugging charger cable into the micro port, it will charge all the devices connected to it, including the host.
and your Disk is HDD (platters) or SSD? i think sandoisk announced a pocketable 2TB SSD but costs like hell HAHA, i have two 2TB normal HD's one is the backup for all my media, music makes 730GB and videos & photos like 500GB [/quote] It's HDD, waiting for the portable SDD drop their prices, it'll be awesome! More efficiency = longer battery life
Could you tell me what's the model of the tablet? I'm looking for a small tablet than runs a full Windows version to run programs like jriver...Thanks.[/quote]Hi Josefale, that's Acer Iconia Tab 8W. It's run on Windows 8.1. I believe it's a 7 inch tab. You basically can install any music software to it (for Windows of course). Cheers!
Hi zilch0md, glad that you like it. Yes, the hub allow me to charge all my devices simultaneously while playing music.The D12 battery is superb. Installed Bur Brown OPA134/2134,but still it could run for more than 12 hours between charges. I likely drain to drain my tab battery twice before I could change my D12.On your last question, that's just a cable tag. Cheers!
My 1tb portable solution Windows tab/Foobar - OTG hubs - portable HDD - Ibasso D12 - UE900
Been enjoying it for almost 3 years now. Recently upgraded to Effect Audio Crystal cable and Otterbox Pursuit 20.
I like how it sound right now. Compared with the stock opamp, it push abit more detail and more lively but less warm. Music sound snappier and fast.
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