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ty man really appreciate it!
Hi guys,     I personally own 3 IEMs,UE 11 and 18 PRO and JH16PRO.and today I read about Kaiser 10.One thing finally get noticed by me and I really don't know what it means.         What is crossover/crossover point?Does it show how good is the IEM manufacturer? Is more crossover showing the IEM is more advanced?         I really appreciate if you can tell me the answer in detail!
no headphone included. btw its the price directly convert yen to us dollars so im not sure if sony gonna sell this product in US if not,thats +100or more dollars on ebay.
it worth $763(body only) 128GB on board
wow can believe things changes this fast same thing happened last year and we communicated with email.(although it also takes me 3days to wait for a reply)  well thx,problem solved
This product seems solved my question here. impressive Digital amp and output tons of Sony's own technology  everything on this is way better than iBasso DX50 Im definately going to buy this.
i checked i did it right weird I spell it wrong here
I checked i did email it right but kinda weird to input it wrong here
Isnt AIFF better than ALAC? I get confused here
man just be careful with these guys,they serve you with family style when you make a big purchase,after that is nothing. If you have the money to buy JH16 then I highly recommend you to get UE18PRO or a custom in ear reference monitor Both are great product and I tried both of them from my neighbor xD 
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