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Not much to talk about, just got these for a couple of months and used for less than 100 hours. Everything from the original shipment was included. Too bad can not prevent myself to get a DX100! paypal as gift or add 3%. shipping is included for US.
  brand new Beyerdynamic  DT 860 with leather case, the original version of 32 ohm. Beyerdynamic's previous portable flagship model, the headphone can be folded up. One of the best sounding cans for portable use.  Street price is 200$, ask for price plus shipping (6$ to 13$ in US, Canada) for quick sale. paypal as gift or add 3%. Can to international shipping with extra.   
still available.
they are not very efficient. I found they have similar efficiency as the agk k240 600 ohm phones, usually twice the volume compared with 300 ohm HD650.
I totally agree. Now, all 1k systems seem sound very good to me. It is very hard for me to tell which one is better, only the flavor is different. In fact, the HP1000 and R10 sound did not Wow me that much at the meeting, maybe the system did not match very well.  The staxs are good, However, they are not for everyone because of not enough bass and thin sound. Rock, hiphop and electronic are definetely not a Stax thing. 
This my first meeting and I was really enjoying the listening and chatting with all the nice fellow headfiers. I'd like to thank Lee for providing his lovely home for the meeting, 3 floors full of gears. Also thank Ari, Frank, Paul, Jason, Aflac,  baka1969, Brasewel and other headfiers for the great meeting. Unfortunately, my ears also lost ability to diffrentiate after listening these many superb set ups, can not tell which one is better. Thanks to Ari, I had a...
Wow, please come, with the gears. last post before heading to the carnival of headfiers.
Like new AIAIAI TMA-1 with all original packages, manuals, accessories ( carrying pouch, adapter, extra pair of pads), slightly used. Outside package is still in like new condition. there is a small marker on the headband as shown in the picture. A strong contender for the best portable headphone. Every easy to upgrade the cable (mini to mini cable). ask for price plus shipping (6$ to 12$) in US, Canada. can do international shipping with extra cost.  
Like new Jay V-jays ultra portable, ultralight headphone with 40mm Mylar speakers. used less than a few hours, original packages, manuals, and extension cable. Simply the best sounding ultra portable, a good alternative for people do not feel comfortable with IEMs. review: ask for price shipped in US. add 10$ for international shipping.
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