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FS: NORNE AUDIO DRUAG V1 for original HiFiMan phones with thread-on connectors. 8-ft long balanced cable with the best Neutrik XLR connector. In mint condition., I just sold my HE-6 so I no longer have a need for this cable. The Druag V2 available now costs about $350 for an 8-ft cable. Price includes PayPal fee and USPS Priority Mail shipping in the continental USA only. PM me with any questions.
FS: HiFiMan HE-6. In excellent near new condition with only a small chip and small scratch on the metal gimbals. The original outer covers and insulation have been removed and replaced with woven metal covers I cut from a metal storage piece. They are very sturdy and don't bend under normal pressure. The original covers and insulation are included.  The $750 package comes with the original HiFiMan box, Focus pads that are on the phones, a pair of leather and velour pads,...
Where did you get your adaptors for the 6F8G tubes? Thanks.
Is there any reason I can't use a 3-amp 17-volt torodial transformer on my Modi 2 Uber? I know the instructions say don't use any other power supply...
Still waiting to hear your comments! Plus, would like to have an update on the Liquid Carbon-are you on schedule for starting delivery in August? Thanks.
FS: Musical Fidelity V90-DAC. Purchased new and in mint condition. No marks or scratches. Comes with the original box and power supply. Price includes PayPal fee and USPS Priority Mail shipping in the continental USA only. Check my feedback and buy with confidence. PM me with any questions.
The Solstice actually is the more versatile than the Ember when it comes to tube rolling. The Solstice will support all the tubes the Ember will, plus the Solstice will support both the 6SN7 and the 12SN7 using the Solstice 6SN7 adaptor. The Solstice does not have  preamp output or the ability to bypass the output caps like the Ember. If you don't need preamp out, go with the Solstice and save some money. 
Using my clamp-on ammeter, I measure about .3A on start-up and .25A at idle. Sounds too low, but that's what I got. Reading the original instruction manual and a review of the original microZOTL, I  see that David Berning said the amp would draw 2.1A when using a 12V battery. The fuse on the original MZ internal power supply came right after the incoming power and was speced at 2.5A. So we can put this matter to rest and say that a replacement power supply for MZ2 should...
The power supply that comes with the MZ2 says 12V 44.4W. The back of the MZ2 says 12VDC 3.7A. Mark at UrbanHiFi, who licensed the MZ2 circuit from David Berning, worked with Berning on the amp and told me the supplied power supply is equivalent to what was used in the original microZotl. But of course David Berning is the last word. Don't know why Mark would use a 3.7A power supply if 2A is enough; maybe just so it won't have to work as hard. I need to put my ammeter on...
The model number of the unit is DC-50W, but that apparently isn't the power rating, as the rating in the text says 12V @ 2A.
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