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Pictures of the bottom of the pcb might show something if you haven't figured it out yet.
FS: Parasound Zphono moving magnet/moving coil phono preamp. Unit works fine and has a new front panel. Some scratches on the top panel. Switch on the rear to change the phono input from moving magnet to moving coil. Purchased used a few years ago to use with moving coil cartridges, but I never purchased a moving coil cartridge. Price includes PayPal fee and shipping in the continental USA only. Not looking for any trades. PM me with any questions. Check my feedback and...
PM sent.
Modi 2 Uber should be a nice upgrade. I heard from someone I trust who has a lot of experience in designing and building DACs and who has discussed the Modi 2 Uber with Jason Stoddard that it has sound quality close to the Bifrost Uber.
WTB: Schiit Audio Modi 2 Uber DAC. PM me if you have one to sell.
FS: HiFiMan HE-6. Excellent condition and working perfectly. Have removed the felt behind the grill on the outside of the cups for a more open sound. The original foam will be included. Focus Pads installed and comes with a new pair of leather pads and velour pads. Original box included. Supplied cable is a Norse (Norne) Audio original Draug, 8-ft long, with the best Neutrik balanced connector. Also includes Draug balanced to 1/4" adaptor cable with matching female Neutrik...
When will be able to purchase the NightHawk from a dealer?
Still hoping someone will remove the top cover and post a picture of the inside of the amp. 
Stillhart, Look at the pictures of the tubes on eBay. Look at the 4th picture and notice that the 12AU7 writing has a rectangle with cut corners around it. Whenever you see this rectangle around the tube number it means the tube was manufactured by RCA. Now look at the last picture and you can see the 12AU7 does not have a rectangle around it and you can see one dot below the 12AU7. This is the tube that was made by Westinghouse and is the one that the reviews say is the...
Can someone who has this amp please remove the top cover and post a picture of the inside of the amp?  Interested in seeing what parts are being used, such as the volume control and capacitors before purchasing one.
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