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Most audiophiles trim once a month or so, to keep the hair from growing over the ears But yeah, audacity is simple and free and good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Err, bowls. I can't figure out how to edit in tapatalk, but I mean "like cereal" not "like I drank too much coffee" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Has the pad comfort thing ever been resolved? I had a modded grado before the magnums were a big thing (sr60 with wood), and I loved em but the bowels killed me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
That's where bankers get it wrong. You can be drinking at the bar AND Trudging through dirac's equation (and all the nasty ket vector/ operator algebra that goes with it) while sitting at the bar enjoying a nice drink, going back and forth between arguing mathematics with your friend next to you and talking about cool cars. That's the physics life.The downside is unlike investment bankers you won't make billions. 2 of 3 is easy. All 3, wealth, stimulating work, and a...
I am terrified of being the next her. Graduating with a physics degree (that I switched to after realizing my previous major, journalism, was neigh unemployable) which I was told would be the equivalent of Bachelors gold, only to find out it's actually only good as a foot in the door at best. Currently trying to teach myself as many programming languages as I can so I can get my computer science certs, and studying to try to take my EIT exam as well so I can grow up and be...
The 29knives Bali's are incredible, I would love to see them in person. I have yet to flip anything but a Benchmade, though I've handled a fair few of those. The 51 is my favorite thus far. At some point I'll make my own. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Well crap, guess I'm gonna have to then I "should" not spend any money until I'm ready to step to the next tier, but I'm just about to graduate and a Lyr/bifrost stack is out of my reach
So, I haven't bought anything Audio related in a year and a half. I enjoy my setup greatly. I have however gone a little overboard with knives, including a few customs. Also, soon I will be making my own here are my productions: some Emersons, a Benchmade, spyderco, mcusta and boker And here are my customs. A smaller group, but two knives by ThreeSisterForge, and a Curtiss Nano. I can't say enough about David Curtiss and his knives. Mine is at the shop right now for a...
Just checking back in, I have the modi->magni->he-400 stack... Might need a Voli too now
    They sound really good with the Grado's if your kids are the headbanging type! Other than the Grado's and the HE400's, which sound amazing, I'm not sure what to recommend. they should drive any non-superhigh impedence headphone decently though.  Maybe a denon or cheaper sennheiser?
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