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Wow, whole lot of info to chew through. I'm gonna start reading, but I may as well ask too. Got a Lyre (v1, with relay) and a dead tube. Any budget tubes I should look into that will go well with a pair of HE400's? Figuring since they aren't that powerful a ton of gain isn't necessary, but low noise floor might be nice.
Excited to hear it with my HE-400's. Now I'll end up turning the Modi into a Bifrost...
So after more than 2 years happy with my modi/magni stack... I just bought a lyr... Oops.
I think I spent too much money on my Rega 2. Lots of new parts today, time to finally get it set up. Grado Prestige Black, VTA adjustment mount, SS stub and weight off the RB300 tonearm. Honestly I might as well upgrade the subplatter and platter next. After that there really won't be much left of this that is still an R2 other than the motor and the RB200 arm.      
Woops I had sworn they had a hybrid, my mistake
 The AMB amps aren't kits by any stretch but are very, very well supported.
This is possibly the coolest case design I've seen.  I'm such a sucker for mid century modern. I'm going to have to get creative with mine now,  that's just... that's great
Mr Rick, You have a hell of a collection of traditional knives. I'm a bit jealous I've been meaning to invest in one, maybe something in either Cocobolo or green Micarta to match the larger knife it'd be carried with (I may carry a traditional but I usually keep a fixed blade or a locking knife for more strenuous tasks)
No pics yet, but just ordered the stuff to get my Rega P2 up and running again. VTA adjustment collar, Grado Prestige Black, and the stainless stub and weight from an RB-300 arm to replace the silly plastic coated screw one on my RB-250. Also got a decent alignment plate coming and a digital stylus force scale. Gonna be back up and jamming in no time.
I'm not sure if it's discipline so much as me spending my money on other silly hobbies.I want an Uber 2 stack, but I know if I get off my rear and finish my AMB M3+S11 amp it will blow the Uber 2 out of the water, so it seems like a waste.
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