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500 pages reached! Congratulations, thread!   A testimony of an outstanding product.
First I got the 007 and then the 009. When I got the 009 I thought it was a massive improvement over the 007. There is so much detail detail retrieval and it is so much forward that it is like "looking to the music through a microscope". But when the wow factor faded I kept coming back to the 007. Presently I'd say I listen more the 007 than 009, I guess because it is more relaxed and lets the music flow. It is more about the music and less about the sound. I love both...
I use the 009 and 007 with the BHSE and also the GS-X Mk2 with the HD800. They are all superb but the 009 and 007 are better, smoother and faster. However the HD800 detail retrieval and soundstage is second to none.I use the GS-X for short listening sessions, e.g. if I get a spare half hour here and there during the week. If it's for less than two hours listening I do not bother to switch the BHSE on.Arturo
I want one cyclotron under my garden
Wow, amazing contribution. Thanks a lot for the very developed article. It takes a lot of work to write something like this. Much more informative than the impressions we see around here.
I confirm I received a shipping notification from Justin for my 230V amp this night (I found it this morning in my inbox).
 My advice is that you buy a second-hand Stax amplifier and you use it until the BHSE arrives. Then you can sell the Stax amp almost at the price you paid for it. My upgrade path was: Lambda 404 and Stax 007tII (which I bought from different owners), then I bough a SR007A, then BSHE, then SR009, then I sold the Stax 007tII. They were all second hand except the BHSE.
I concur with negura: 009 plus mid-tier amp. I reported about a 4-way comparison of mine before in this thread. However it all depends on which sound signature you like best, the 007 or the 009 one. The ampli will not change that.
I would like to share my experience about what matters more between amps or cans. Some months ago I bought a Stax SR-009 and I compared it with my SR-007A and the two amps I had at the time: Stax SRM-007tII and BHSE. I compared them four ways, i.e. each can with each amp. It helped that I was alone in the house for a few weeks as my family was away on holidays. In short, my conclusion was that, at least for those Stax cans, the headphones matter more for the sound...
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