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Need this gone ASAP.
Up for sale is my Pico Dac/amp that I picked up 2 years ago from a fellow Head-Fier. Will come with leather pouch, cable and power adapter.   Inquire for additional pics (at work.)   ***SOLD*** Thanks for looking
I will certainly make it. See y'all there  
Bump from the depths of oblivion.
First event, it was AWESOME, the crowd was amazing. It was really amazing interacting with the people that we see post here all the time and to finally listen to what it was they raved about. Not to mention, Val's V-MODA Fortress was amazing, beautiful place, great hospitality, and SICK beats. Thanks to all who made this possible.
Hey guys, need your help, Is it a good idea to go early so that we can set up and get the best from the event or it makes no difference if we go late?  
    Nah, you are not alone, I'm pretty stoked myself.
Jude,  Would you happen to be taking any gear yourself?
If you take that system it certainly wont go unappreciated.
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