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No new news from them on when they will be on the market.
I visited Oppo at CanJam RMAF and spent time with new prototype PM-3 closed cans powered by HA-2. VERY NICE!!
Got to listen to the PM-3 and HA -2 last week at RMAF canjam and was favorably impressed after some extensive listening. Very comfortable closed cans with a neutral , smooth and expansive sound. Nice job OPPO.
Selling a lightly used, but fully broken in, 1 meter pair of Nordost Frey interconnects with WBT/RCA terminations which include serial numbers. No box. Used with a headphone amp only, but downsizing my system so these excellent cables are no longer needed. Buyer pays shipping $12.00 USPS including insurance. CONUS only, no foreign/international buyers. Please send inquiries to
SOLD RSA HR-2 High Resolution headphone amp with separate 12v power supply and generic AC powercord.  Used with Sennheiser HD 600, 650, and Grado hi-end phones. Outstanding amp, Slight discoloration and small scratch on top of power supply. This needs a good home. Still available from RSA  for $875. Buyer pays shipping, PayPal only (no added fees). Please send all correspondance to: CONUS  and Canada only!! Postage to Canada approx $41.00
I have just listed on ebay my RSA HR2 starting at $495 with free ups shipping. Check it out if interested. Auction ends sunday, 5/26.
I will offer $190 via PayPal to Colorado, zip 80302.
Try them with the Stefan audio art endorphin cable ...awesome!
WOW! Read this non-stop. Guess I would agree completely with the Grado reviews (having owned the RS1 and GS1000) and feel lucky to have the Senn HD600 and HD650 (with upgraded cables) as my main cans! Thanks for a most comprehensive review!
If you really want to get the most from the HD 650s, try an upgraded cable, I like the Stefan Audio Arts Endorphin the most. If really shows how the Senns can SHINE!
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