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I'm glad my thread is getting a lot of hype!!!! I have bought an mdac to be put in the middle of my audiolab 8000cd and a tweaked version of the hpa 100 which kind of makes it inbetween a hpa100 and hpa200 into my akgk702's.... I'm getting a surpringly vast amount of detail and bottom end for a headphone which many claim has no bass... Suckers I have too much bass and clarity it's frightening!!! The timing is so sharp its murderous. Especially for akg people Waiting for...
I really enjoyed starting out with with LDMKIII + sr80i.   Though agree with malvauex. If you are on a budget - rather than buy average headphones and average amp buy a good headphone like k70x hd650 hd600 and get a cheaper amp - fiio, ldmkii.   $300 headphones will scale up when improving amp and source and not as prone to upgrading.   i found myself upgrading the sr80i for k702 leaving the ldmkiii needing upgrading! 
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Hi all,   I have an LD MKIII and I have had the stock tubes in for over a year and want to change them to get more clarity and detail through the mid-high ranges, and deeper and tighter bass.   I only listen to female vocalists such as Mariah Carey, Eva Cassidy etc so I am looking for the idea's for the best combination of tubes for power tubes and drivers to maximise detail in those mid to high ranges.    I know there is already a thread with 2500 replies,...
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Cheers Bangraman +1   by the way, i do not use ipod as a source, it was merely an A/B test. Source has to be either CDP or flac via wasapi on foobar, nobody is questioning how bad the ipod is as a direct source - its pretty bad in hi fi terms and head fi terms - lets not go down that route
If im using my ipod i use ALAC which is apples version of FLAC. Ive done A/B testing on foobar wasapi FLAC vs itunes ALAC and theres a clear difference in smoothness in favour of foobar but thats another topic. as for this topic.. still talkin about amped/unamped grados - the ipod cannot deliver much bass, bad for grado's whom are generally bass hungry especially the lower end of the prestige range.
bump againn ... come on people spill the beans.   or if there is a member of head fi who does customs based in the UK that would be just as valuable.   thanks  
Also from a diminishing returns point of view... surely buying an amp for your grado's would be economies of scale   the LD MKIII can power up to 600ohms, and is $240 delivered. Its quite capable of getting good results from AKG701/2 HD650/600/555 SR325is DT880 etc etc oh so ive read - A nice introduction to the real world of audiophilia without the wallet draining tactics that upgraditis generally cause.   I could sell the grado's here - surely i could get $100...
+1 i agree jimbob and estreeter   I think its a head fi phenomena and its like a brainwashing plague! Im happy as a newbie I went against convention and amped my grado's. The fact that sr80i do not need to be amped, its all bs. ALL cans can benefit from amping IMHO and experience!   I just wrote a post about my vintage marantz receiver and plugging my grado sr80i...    if you live in a dream fantasy world whereby an ineffective can to you is something like a...
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