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I've played these straight from my receiver before, and they still sound fantastic, much better than the m50, I'm a bit of a bass head as well and simply adjusting the eq +2-3 I hit my sweet spot without causing detriment elsewhere MUCH clearer mids than the m50, greater detail, and quite honestly...better bass, no bloating, better accuracy and better extension. With a good amp (or a slight eq) provided enough to slake my more bassy desires.  just a thought for...
not sure, but I'd suggest the PA2V2 really good little amp, and should make a bigger difference than the e5   
Maverick D1 - it doubles as your dac (which is a good investment)   also it has a tube pre-amp, so if you ever decide to get a dedicated tube amp, this can used    it retails at 200 even, great reviews, and should drive the 011 just fine
... I used the 011 with ME2 for the first time last night...your so right 
Headphones are about creating natural and clear sound, very few (even bass heavy cans) are going to create an "impact" because impact is not usually in the recording itself, but superficially added by the speaker system. Most speakers have a low frequency "hump" which creates that feeling of impact, however it comes at a price of accuracy and usually drowns out the lower frequencies, meaning a mortar and a distant rumble of thunder will sound the same (when in reality...
The D1 will work fine for both, better for the 003 (require less power)   I own both now, and have gotten a good feel for them each in their own right, I'd say the 003 is superior hands down, and is amazing for jazz   The 011 is good for Jazz...but the 003 is better :) I also find it more useful as an all purpose headphone  
So I never received my tracking # from USPS and hadn't heard anything from GD-audiobase and nothing updated from Russianpost after it left customs. So I had no idea that they were already in town and I came home to find a "failed delivery" notice for the headphones. I'm actually a little angry, because if SOMEONE had alerted me I could've easily had someone sign for it. Oh well, now I have to wait to go pick it up. 
  The E9 can power anything, but so can an ipod  I said it couldn't DRIVE them adequately. It doesn't mean it powers them poorly. Just not as good as a Class A amp will   Just trying to answer CryptHF's question, no need to get aggressive    Also ziocomposite reaffirmed that these cans would mate BETTER (not ONLY) with a different amp   I have fiio experience, and I found the e9 lacking (personal preference)   
^ that is probably why you aren't noticing a difference, I doubt the Fiio products can adequatly drive these cans, they are quite power hungry. Also difference will show on higher quality recordings, Flac or 320kbps. Also judging by LFF's review these phones will perform higher for certain genre's.   These cans really need a class A amp, thats my assumptions simply reading the sensitivity/impedance numbers  
mine shipped out today, hopefully I'll be receiving them in the next 3 weeks :/    as soon as I can I'll post a review on them (as well as FA-003 which I ordered also)    
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