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Funny thing, I pop them in two nights ago and have been listening to them since.
The Tenores surprise me to this day.
That whole Tenore thing puzzles me. I probably own one of the oldest Tenores and I've had no issues with any of that brand and I've owned 6 models now. I gotta say, there's some experts tuning their earphones.
Not sure where else but Amazon Jp. and Tenso.  They were under a hundred bucks.  Heck of a deal for this sound.
Not even close Wayne.  Really airy and detailed.  Just a lovely sounding earphone.  Bullet housings thankfully fit without a hitch.  
The Duoza's came in today and they are very impressive. I was immediately wow'd by the vocal reproduction. Very clean, detailed highs and man that sub-bass. Kicks in hard with music that is bass heavy. Spacious, instrument separation is glorious. Very well tuned. I got the FA Heaven 8 also and I was more floored by the Duoza. I have the Heaven 5, 6 and now the 8 and they just sound warmer as it goes up. Pretty special sounding earphones but man, ZA can tune and...
Alrighty then. If it's wrong, sf and I will be trekking to canned land to seek for you two.
Well, your link is for the 80's and I can't find the 70's. Thanks fo nuthin man.
This is my hometown music.  Excellent share.  
whats the difference between 3570 and 3580?  
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