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Maybe a nice dac/amp or dap
Reputation will go down the drain if they don't fix their mistakes before adding perks and new products.  
What is that thing and is it for real, lol. It's drblue's birthday! Happy Birthday Drblue!
Haven't heard the HD800 so not sure.  Have only heard a few AKG's, not including the K701.  There's a pattern here.  If it seems to lack bass and have peaky treble, I don't bother to buy it.  ; ) I'm getting out of the high end also.  I'm perfectly happy with budget and mid-fi gear.  
Thanks but not interested in the HD800
That was excellent and made the front page.  Congrats. Peter!
Getting rid of two out of three of my TOTL gears left.   TG334 is in mint condition.  Included will be the Pelican case, brand new set of Ortofon tips (S,M,L) and a BTG Audio SPC FitEar cable.  Stock 000 cable will be included as well.   TH900 is in mint condition as well.  What's included is stock accessories, which includes the box and headphone stand.  I will also throw in a Grado 6.3 to 3.5 adapter as well.   I will negotiate prices so the buyer gets a good deal...
I think Amazon japan drblue. Just put it in your wish list and check back weekly to see how much they drop in price. Maybe cdjapan too.
Ditto my friend. Cheers.
I don't think so. I have the 10 and don't need the 9 and would feel the same other way around. Reminds me of how the FXZ100 and 200 were. I preferred the 100 over the 200 and same could apply here.
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