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I like the A71 better. Only part the CKR9 does better is the bass. For my tastes anyway.
These are worth your ears Wayne!
Lol, no kidding.I wonder how the KC06A would work?
Man you guys are missing out on the best dual dynamic on the market imo with the Fidue A71 at $99.
I thought so but I swear I read something a few pages back saying someone was # 473 or something like that.
How do you find out where in line you are.
Very nice.  Looking forward to it.
I charge it full let it sit for a week or two and when I go to use it, it shuts down within 15 minutes. This has happened to me a few times so I charged it full the other day, then used it right away and after 30 minutes, all three lights were still solid. My guess is that you have to use it within a day or so after charge to get full 8 hours out of it.
Never been into streaming and probably never will. Don't wanna pay for that crap and chances of them having what I listen to will be slim. Won't get the FX1100 until it goes down to near $300.
Yeah just wait it out a little longer until someone buys the FX1100 and sells the 850.
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