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 yesif he wouldn't give himself away every time by totally going ape sh** over whatever he likes at that moment, maybe he'd last a lot longer.  Dude gives himself away every time. 
No offense to twister but you how many companies are gonna come when you give them 1-3 star ratings, lol.
Can't imagine how much gear you have to sell, lol.
I just go and grab those little square alcohol pads that come on a box of 100 or more from the local Walgreens or whatever. I've also washed them in the sink with dish soap but first one is faster.
It does add some weight and is bulkier but the bulk is below the Y-split so I doesn't pull the earphones out of your ears. Definitely wouldn't jog with them though. I can go for walks without issue. Here a couple of pics so you have a better idea.
Com on Wayne, you don't listen to jock jams when you work out?
Hey Leo,Cable is robust but soft. Very nice quality.http://m.ebay.com/itm/C0-Pure-Silver-Cable-For-Shure-se215-se315-se425-se535-Se846-UE900-Earphone-/251885207411?nav=SEARCH
I actually pulled out my FX850 last night and used it with the X5 and E12A combo.  Sound was awesome.  Isolation is borderline poor though and this earphone packs a lot of bass.  Fortunately, midrange and the highs are not forsaken from it.  To this day, this is one of the most enjoyable earphones I've ever owned.  I've also been using a pure silver cable which helps to tighten that bass up.  I also think the Dunu DN2000J could be what you're after.  That is one of the...
You know dweaver, with proper fit and the right tips, these aren't sibilant for me anymore. Maybe give them some proper burn and try it out for a couple of weeks. It's not gonna top the Sony's though.
Quite impressive that a headphone of that caliber can sound nice out of Pono. 
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