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All I remember was the Pistons, then something else and most recently it was the E80's.
I think I'd rather read iemmagnets posts over the 12 year old that keeps posting in various threads.
The KZ Ate's are just dynamic I believe. Sound is good though.
There's definitely some good stuff in that link.
Above is to shuffle all music, not sure about just an album.
Go to settings, general and toggle on "song selections with shuffle".
I tried the stock tips and other tips with similar bore size and didn't care for them as much as Sony Hybrids. Treble has tamed after 50 hours of burn in.
Some might find it bass light. I find it quick and decent quantity. I wouldn't mind if it had a little more. This is where the mod dsnuts posted helps and also if there were thicker/better pads would also help.
Still worth it even if it cost more. Make sure to try that mod dsnuts posted several pages back. My only gripe is that it fits a little loose and wish I could get different pads.
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