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Glad you are liking those lee. I'm digging them so much now that some of my other favorite phones are showing some flaws. Not that these aren't without flaws but its a beautiful sound none the less. I was hesitant on getting them too but Dsnuts assured me that I needed to and happy I did. Burn in is no joke on these too. I owed you at least one recommendation after the several you've helped me with. Happy listening man!
It's been awhile since I owned the IE8's but I believe you are on the right track.
I just tried the TS500's and it fits snug.
Both are nicely detailed, great sense of space but more so on the JVC's. Bass is quite different and jvc's have more in quantity and extends further down. V's are more forward overall in sound and vocals are a clear indication of that. Two very different sounds and both present music in an enjoyable way.
I'm gonna have to chime in here after owning these for a week.  At first the bass sounded a little heavy, although controlled quite well.  I put them through 100 hours plus of burn in and everything seems to be in the right place.  Vocals are really good on these phones and sounds...correct.  Bass is still big but really doesn't sound out of place or bothersome like other bass heavy sets might do. Treble is very impressive.  Has really good sparkle like the FAD V's do and...
Lightly used and in pristine condition.  Terminated in mini xlr with rsa and 3.5mm connectors.  Payment via PayPal and buyer covers fees and shipping.    Approx. 5 feet.  Thanks.
You're lucky since I was denied, lol.  
Here's some pics of the tips inside out and the nozzle shape of the iem itself.      
Listened to a few tunes from Olatunji this morning doctorjazz. I will be adding the music to my collection. Good way to start out the day.
One of my test tracks for every headphone/earphone is "Shambala" by Beastie Boys.  Try that out with the FX850's.  There's a lot going on in the music and sounds great with a headphone/earphone that can showcase the depth and layering that's in the music.  
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