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Any info on the ch1000 and 2000?
I was gonna ask who has ordered the vsd5's
Maybe kova has some input on that.
No worries my days are always off and so are my reviews/impressions.
LOL! Good point.  
He's fine and it's good to have actual reviewers instead of the lame unboxing videos. I find most people to be too picky so I don't pay attention too much. I suppose it's good to be picky though.
Maybe if quit worshiping that dudes opinion.
I pretty much like what you're describing.  Only sound I despise is overly analytical.  
Thanks dweaver. It's hard to not think about the Sony's, especially now that both are at $499 on Amazon. I have the L2 and enjoy them but I'm sure the Sony's are something else. I threw in the H3 the other day and imagined what an upgrade in sound would be since I still find the H3 to be incredible.
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