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I'd like to give these a shot.  I have thrown up plenty of impressions over the years and have owned a lot of gears to give these a fair judge.  
Yes you're right. Thanks!
This new update scans my files every time I turn the player on. Annoying.
Another well written and informative review Zelda. Tempted to grab the HM700 and RE600 combo even more now.
Thank you gents!
How are you guys extracting using mac?     US site stops downloading after about 14 megs and the Japan site seems to download all the way but I cannot open it because it's a hex file.  Any help would be appreciated.  
I do like these D2K and I've had close to 150 hours of burn now.  I'll be posting my impressions in another thread to get more people to recognize these or just simply review them.  Thanks for bringing these to our attention and best to you and this thread.  
Holy crap drblue, that was awesome. Gotta experience this.
I'm gonna compare it to both.  So far it's closer to the KC06 signature than Tenore but hasn't surpassed either.
Thank you sir!
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