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Excellent and thorough reviews Trolldragon and kova.
The hard working man graces us with his presence.  Thanks buddy and I still love the C5 and look forward to the RHA.
You actually bought the X5.  You must have gotten a really good deal.
Hey thanks Eric and sf.
Thanks much Wokei.
Appreciate it Wayne. Thanks buddy. Thanks doctorjazz Thank you B9Scrambler I have auditioned the original version and I can attest the R2 is much better with fit.  Thanks Leo Thanks kova.  I'll check yours out when posted and learn a thing or two I'm sure.
I wrote a review of the R3 if anyone cares to read it. Not anywhere near the vlenbo masterpiece of the ckr9 but it is what it is.
My review of the R3 V2 is up.
Jeez man, nice time and effort put into this review. Very professionally done.
This is exactly how I would have written it if I could write a review this well.  Nice work again Zelda.  
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