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Fit is odd when using those screws unfortunately.
Screen looks the same as the other.
Any of you guys notice that one of your default silver screws or any other ones look like mine? Listening with the treble filters today and really liking it so far.
Nice review Zelda.  Finally a review from you and I own the earphones.  I pretty much agree with what you've written.
Or buy something cheap from Penon and grab the Penon IEM for $9.99.  Those should certainly fit the bill.
I've never heard either but I assume that'l it would.
Oh I'm sure those will have a more unique and mature sound. The CH1000/2000 were consumer oriented sounds and although pretty good, they weren't anything special.
They are pretty good but the price would have to be way below the Macaw and E80 to recommend them at this point.
Received the ATE and ED9 yesterday and both sound really nice. Hard to believe the bulkiest one with the plastic housing sounds the most balanced of the bunch I've heard.
Mainly the bass.  It sounded very flabby and boomy.  Overall sound is grainy.  This is open box and using my iPhone.  Right now I have them plugged into the Geek Pulse for burn in and it sounds better.  I'm comparing it against the ED8 and the SE is brighter, clearer, forward vocals.  I'm guessing bass will improve on both but the SE's bass isn't so bad now comparing it to the ED8.  Still not complaining at the price paid for either.  
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