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It's bulky but fit is very comfortable and has good isolation.
Had those for the FitEar and didn't care for the ergonomics. Maybe it's better now since I had the first version.A couple of us use this cable with good results. YMMV
Not sure if this has been posted but some sound impressions of the Z7.
Looks expensive.  
Holy crap that looks fantastic
Hey, hey, that deserved a front page feature.  Nice work Ericp!     You should do more reviews man.  
Written like a true professional.
It snaps on and off on the sides.  Looks like it just protects the volume knob and maybe keep the dust out.  I don't see a real purpose for it.  Comes off and on easily.  Just be careful not to be too forceful so the knobs don't break.  
Lol, not you at all and you know this.  
James is the type of person who just likes to help unlike some who have giant egos. 
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