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There goes my curiosity on getting this earphone. As always, nice write up Zelda.
Hey Bob, please answer my question. I shouldn't have to tag, Trinity is the owner and should be paying attention to the thread. I shouldn't have to post in that ridiculous thread to get his attention about the air.
Thanks and connections issues of the lanyard is due to faulty individual units then?Does the air use different equipment for bt connection?
Seems "air" is not a concern for Trinity folk. Phantom thread takes up all their time.
Yes the volume seems a bit loud but I'm usually in loud environments when using it so it hasn't bothered me.
As an owner of the bt Lanyard, I'm quite concerned with the connection. With the lanyard, my connection is spotty. If I'm standing still, usually no issues but when walking, the connection loses signal, especially outside on windy days. This is to the point of being unacceptable at times. Will the "air" use better technology over the lanyard to resolve this?
What spams this thread more than complainers...those who point out the complainers. How about ignoring it since this thread is 80% chatter anyway.
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Good points Sir. Keep up the good work.
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