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Cheers drblue!
Definitely lurking these days. Good to see discovery thread being active.
Those look nice. I'd welcome the successors to the ckr's.
I tried to make it today but couldn't. Gotta make it to one soon. Would be cool to even meet up some random evening or weekend with just a few of us.
I've used a black dragon 2-pin balanced for Pono and it works.
I've been meaning to throw up some impressions since I've had the HEM8 for a few weeks now. These don't "wow" me and I believe that's a good thing. Most things that wow me tend to have a short shelf life. These have pleased me since open box. The sound has improved with use and burn but it's always been good. I find the sound to be somewhat flat compared to what I'm use to. Flat but with a warm tilt. I find the bass to be really good. I'm usually not for mid-bass...
Centrance Hifi-Skyn. Made for iPhone.
I'll be getting a pair in later this week and looking forward to it. Last 4ba iem I had was the tg334 which had a little too much mid-bass so yes they can produce a good amount of bass. The Final Audio's I I own, heaven 6 and 8 have nice warm bass that satisfies also.
Nice Wayne.
I had the CKR7,9 and 10. 7 was nice but sibilant and not worth it imo. I think this new E40 is a direct upgrade from that one. 9 might have been the sweet spot of the CKR's. 10 was my favorite though. Thickness of note sounds nice. I suppose the LTD was probably the best buy but never heard it. E40 sounds like a good one though. I'm really interested in the E70 since I thought the IM03 sounded excellent. I have my sights on the Nuforce HEM8 though. Digging the...
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