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Good points Sir. Keep up the good work.
End of this month it will be pushed back another month. It's a trend if anyone has been paying attention. Meanwhile more will sell and more will have to made. I see delays and more delays. My BT dongle was to ship at the end of last month and it has yet to ship. Not much better then waiting for crowdfunded items. Yeah I'm negative but I have that right because I'm a paying customer.
I will consider bundling whatever on the list and give you a good deal. Just need to get rid of stuff I don't use. Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 and Philips Fidelio L2 for $250 Audio Technica ATH-CKR10 and Fidue A65 for $120 Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear, Soudmagic E50 and PL30 for $60
Didn't realize that people are still waiting to receive their units. I hope once you guys receive it, the fit is great because the convenience (if you don't have to tape it) and sound is worth it.
I thought I'd come by because of how po'd I am still at this product. Being a backer, I ended up paying real close to the retail price of $399. Mine didn't fit so I sent it back to have the camera cutout dremmeled so it would fit. Since getting it back, the cover barely stays on and I have to tape it to keep it on. I didn't sent it back again or mention it because I just gave up on it. Every now and then I go to use it because it does sound great but because of the...
Cheers drblue!
Definitely lurking these days. Good to see discovery thread being active.
Those look nice. I'd welcome the successors to the ckr's.
I tried to make it today but couldn't. Gotta make it to one soon. Would be cool to even meet up some random evening or weekend with just a few of us.
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