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I've been meaning to throw up some impressions since I've had the HEM8 for a few weeks now. These don't "wow" me and I believe that's a good thing. Most things that wow me tend to have a short shelf life. These have pleased me since open box. The sound has improved with use and burn but it's always been good. I find the sound to be somewhat flat compared to what I'm use to. Flat but with a warm tilt. I find the bass to be really good. I'm usually not for mid-bass...
Centrance Hifi-Skyn. Made for iPhone.
I'll be getting a pair in later this week and looking forward to it. Last 4ba iem I had was the tg334 which had a little too much mid-bass so yes they can produce a good amount of bass. The Final Audio's I I own, heaven 6 and 8 have nice warm bass that satisfies also.
Nice Wayne.
I had the CKR7,9 and 10. 7 was nice but sibilant and not worth it imo. I think this new E40 is a direct upgrade from that one. 9 might have been the sweet spot of the CKR's. 10 was my favorite though. Thickness of note sounds nice. I suppose the LTD was probably the best buy but never heard it. E40 sounds like a good one though. I'm really interested in the E70 since I thought the IM03 sounded excellent. I have my sights on the Nuforce HEM8 though. Digging the...
Thanks for the write up jant. Seems like a worthy AT for under $100.
I did get the FA's and waiting for Zelda to give me the go ahead to send it back. I almost bit on those AT's but having owned the CKR's prevented me from doing so. I am hoping those turn out to be good. Sure do like the design and being able to try other cables is a plus. If you give it a glowing review after some burn in then I might not be able to resist.
Curious how they sound jant.
Space grey color. EarPods will be the only thing not included. I'll include a couple of nice cases and tempered glass already installed. Phone is in excellent condition.
Pure II is the white version.  Comes with box and all accessories it came with if I can find it all.  I will throw in the Vsonic VSD2 and VSD2S earphones that have barely been used to sweeten the deal.  All items are in tip top condition.  Price includes paypal and usps priority shipping.  Price is firm.  Thanks.  
New Posts  All Forums: