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PM sent.
Sent a PM answering your questions.
Last bump before ebay. 5/13. Hello friends,Clearing up the inventory! First up is the JVC FX 750.This is a very fun IEM. Feed it a decent recording and it shines. Feed it mediocre recordings and it is forgiving. A lot of mid bass in my opinion, but it usually makes me smile anyway.Asking $175, +5 shipping. US only. Paypal only. No gifts as per Head-Fi rules.Price Drop 4/30: $145  5/4 price drop $140 Next is the Altone 200. These are great! I am selling for a potential...
Please message with your offer. Can send PayPal immediately. Located outside Chicago. Thanks!
Any update on the HY5? aka CE5H (New naming scheme?)
Selling the hard to find Earsonics SM3 V1. I have owned these for a couple years now, which is a testament to their sound quality, as I usually turn over head phones every few months. They will arrive with the Original case and a set of Klipsch dual flange tips (very comfortable and the best seal I could find that fits the small bore).   Selling for the same price they were bought, 215$ free ship.   Would consider the following trades: JVC HAFX-700 T-Peos h-300...
Earsonics SM3 V1?
Love the fit and finish! Keep up to great work~
All finished! Dual chamber? Want!
Great read! Considering ordering.
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