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I do have ety hf5 and er6i, so I think i know what 'neutral' sounds like. I do appreciate neutrality in an iem and knows how its supposed to sound like, but the ba100 just sounds very anaemic and lifeless, even a tad veiled.
I find the ba100 lacking too. sounds thin and lifeless and veiled out from both Sony z1 and LG g2 mobile phones. probably they do need a lot of power to drive, but that defeats the purpose of the mic.
got my xba-c10ip recently as well. very good for the price and a single armature.
not really impressed with the ba100. sounds very anaemic to me. prefer the sony xba-c10ip over this.
I have both the re0 and reZero. imo, they are in the same sound signature group as the etymotic, which aims to be so detailed and crisp that it may sound unnatural at times. the qb2 is what I would say most iems makers are trying to achieve now, by putting different types of drivers to cover most bases from highs to mids to lows. the qb2 does almost everything right for a single driver, except for the slight mid bass bias. don't worry about the mid bass, its very slight...
I got a pair if the qb2 that came with the lg g2. these are very good, even beating the mid-high ranged priced iems. very good at picking out micro details. the probable flaws are the bit mid bass and bass could have been more "layered".
the mh-650c (c for the newer Sony phones which uses ctia jack configuration), is pretty nice as well. ranks 2nd behind the my all time favourite hpm-78.
got myself a xba3ip. the hifiman rubber sleeves fits securely to the nozzle and has a large bore. the sound really opens up with large bore sleeves.
oops. sorry, didn't notice you needed earbuds. good luck in your search.
the Sony dr ex-102 is pretty good. has mic and uses analogue volume control.
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