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ugh so tempting, would love to pair with my custom westones - they make a balanced cable to them
I purchased these from another member of Head-Fi in February of 2015. These's LCD2.2's are pre-fazor, as you can tell from the aesthetics of them. There was a very short period of time that the cable connector wasn't updated at the beginning of the 2.2 range. I spoke to Audeze on the phone about this and also confirmed with them that they will upgrade them if you were to contact them and pay for the process. For those not in the know, pre-fazor is said to have stronger low...
Interesting! There's a limited promotion from our friends over at Audeze. If you're a non believer in the LCD series, trade in your other high end heathen headphones for a credit towards the chosen path. http://www.audeze.com/lcd-promotion
And here I was thinking I was first out the gate. D'oh!Edit: I'm not going crazy, the drop was closed and then restarted again for technical reasons so it looked like it was a new drop.
Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 It was only a matter of time before other big name headphone OEMs teamed up with Massdrop like Fostex has. These look amazing. They haven't dropped before right?
They're USA made, of course there is a significant mark up.I'm sure they are still worth it, regardless.
That's exactly my point, I'm not a huge universal IEM guy - I would go CIEMs if I somehow stopped losing every pair of IEMs I bought but this is damn tempting.
Not sure how massdrop was able to pull this one off! Campfire Audio Nova Exclusive Launch
Looks like Massdrop is sweetening the deal on their purpleheart variant of the popular TH-X00 headphones. Just saw this in my email. "One lucky purchaser will have the option for a free upgrade from his or her Purplehearts to a super sweet, super pricey setup: the Sennheiser HD800 headphones and the Grace Design x Massdrop m9XX DAC/amp (another custom collaboration from last year), whose combined value is more than $1,600. "
New Posts  All Forums: