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Hi Folks, I searched the forum but I didn't see a topic along these lines. I like the look of the brown LCD pads and band, particularly paired with the look of the XC's, however I'll have a hard time justifying it if the black stock pads are just the same quality. In the photos, it appears the brown lambskin headband is more cushioned, as with the brown pads- is it that notable or is it entirely aesthetics? Let me know what you think, your opinions will be appreciated.
Its likely a short in the cable. Amazon isn't going to get you a new cable and it's not worth fixing if you can't do it on your own- they're skull candies. 75 bucks is reasonable for a pair of aviators but they're still disposable headphones, albeit more expensive because they're fashionable.
I know what it's like to do poorly and make a convenient excuse for my performance. So I can totally relate to that.One time in graduate school I didn't do well on an essay because I procrastinated, but I insisted that I mistakenly sent the professor a draft instead of the final copy.
I'm usually a huge fan of Head Fi TV, but the first half of this just felt like a commercial. Opinions of it aside, what's the actual rough headcount of people on here who have the Abyss headset? I've seen maybe 5?
Tell that to Audio Technica and their sushi maker!
I'd hate to hear how much you purchased that for, hopefully that isn't a serious factor in the questionable cost of the headphones.I studied a lot of design in my undergrad, while I'm sure its not aesthetically distasteful for many, the font is something I find a little grating particularly for a product that aspires to be creme de la creme. When comparing luxury level flagships, I would rather feel pampered like I'm in wearing a smoking jacket in a smokey classy high end...
This.Also, we need a whole thread regarding the sex appeal of anything Jecklin.
I agree, makes it feel more like a trailer park and less like a leather and mahogany filled country club. The latter being what many flagships seem to strive for.It's like they borrowed the font from skull candy.
Not so sure anyone on headfi is chomping at the bit to buy a pair of beats, but those shiny Grados sure do catch the eye! Best of luck on the sale.
If you catch them on sale, which happens a few times a year at authorized retailers, or used here on the boards- yes you can get a pair for that general ballpark.
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