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Understandable if you have a set of cans known for their headbands snapping, the AIAIAI line comes to mind- but something like the LCD series with leather headbands this isn't going to be an issue.I'm not into hanging stands, something about the potential for swinging headphones doesn't sit well for me. I've been interested in getting a stand for my office stack which I'm upgraded- I'll likely look into something more affordable than the authentic Omega stand.
It's been almost a year with this set up and I have to say I'm still as content as I was day one. Well, actually more content- I had a bit of an ear issue, and a dirty power issue, both which caused an initial poor experience- but I have to say that I confidently feel as if this is my high fidelity nirvana. I dont see myself moving on for a long long time. Although I'll be honest, I use a very slight classic v in the EQ in foobar. Oh well. Besides, this gives me a...
Based on his explanation It sounds like the one he has is a knock off of the original Sieveking Sound Omega. They are incredibly high quality from various kinds of woods and are not cheap.The knock offs tend to wobble or split at the wooden seams.
ATH-ESW9 with AT-HPP5 Hard Case: These look somewhat shiny because I applied a non-sticky type film over the wood right when I opened these wheras I knew it may end up scratched and I wanted them to retain their value. I've babied them in their audio technica brand hard case ever since. If you were to take off that film it would be brand new under there. Every thing is in terrific condition, perhaps some light scratching on the plastic parts if you really look for it. ...
Black XC's?
PM sent.
Dendi, good to see you. No complaints- I've definitely reached my end of the line, although I'll be honest - I use a ever so slight classic v in foobar.
See Signature.
Ugh, this is so tempting.
You can't criticize the manufacture's rather laughable reasoning for why it costs so much or your post will get deleted.Just like the ones who posted in this thread that brought to light the incident where he was caught rebranding and selling low grade cable as high grade cable.Abyss is a sponsor after all.I have no idea how people can justify buying these or find their "Hot Topic meets Walmart" aesthetic attractive.
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