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sale pending
Nope, but I do have one for sale and it is a beast, drives the LCD-2 like a train with tons of refinement.
Mine hums into my LCD-2, not affected by the volume level and equal in both channels. Two changes of tubes and a cheater plug made no difference.To be honest though, it's inaudible when any music is playing, even in the quietest passages, so I'm not sweating it.
Update: price drop to 375GBP
Retail is £500, you won't find one for less than £460 (delivered) in the UK.   If you want to PM me a sensible offer please feel free.
Pure Class-A solid state 4-month old Musical Fidelity M1 HPA for sale, 10/10 condition, meticulously cared for.    Check the details on the manufacturers site:   Originally bought new from an MF authorised dealer in the UK, comes with all original packaging and accessories.   I've used it mostly with Grado SR325is and Audeze LCD-2, both of which sound superb through it - it drives the LCD-2...
Lyr just arrived after it's trip across the Atlantic, and I'm up schiit creek with 6 watts of paddle    Simply put, I'm loving this amp with the LCD-2. It really works well with their bass capability without letting it get out of control, or losing definition, and the mids and highs manage to get just the right amount of tubeyness, if you're into it, whilst remaining well resolved and not overly warmed up.   Definately agree that the Gold Lions raise it's game,...
Can't wait to get my Lyr (should be shipped at the end of the month) so I can pitch it against my Musical Fidelity M1 HPA.   The LCD-2 already sound *amazing* with the M1, and doesn't feel underpowered at all (volume pot goes 7 o'clock round to 5 o'clock, normal volume for me with the LCD-2 is between 9 and 11, beyond 12 is probably hearing-damage territory) but I've yet to hear them with another amp so can't compare. I can say that it's extremely deft with the fine...
What tubes did you replace the JJs with?    
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