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I'm in a similar predicament @AppleheadMay - I'm probably leaning towards the Lavry, if only because I'm interested in the digital crossfeed implementation, but I'm going to hold out to see what Schiit have in store with their mid-tier and statement DACs in the new year.
sold to Yamnick.
EDIT: Price lowered for quicker sale.   Owned from new, 230v model bought direct from Schiit in 02/2011. Since then it's sat on the glass shelf you see in the photo and had about 150 hours (v.conservative) into my LCD-2s.   Comes with Schiit-supplied Russian NOS 6N1P tubes AND a matched pair of Genalex Gold Lion reissue 6922s. These are a great match with the LCD2 IMO, and I preferred the 6N1Ps with my DT770 600ohm.   The amp looks and sounds great, the only...
Due to a 'teensy snafu' in which a strand of hookup wire on the +ive XLR output of the right channel of my balanced β22 project wandered over to say hello to it's -ive neighbour, I'm selling the two amp channels and their σ22 companion as damaged and in want of repair. I'll build some new boards and leave the troubleshooting to someone more talented - just looking to recoup some money on the parts, which are all high-spec. Specs: All three boards are cleanly...
Any indication as to why it wouldn't work with some DACs? On paper SBT has coax and optical SPDIF outputs for 16/24bit and the usual compliment of sample rates, so.... doesn't seem to be any reason in principle it wouldn't be fine with Bifrost.
Hey Jason - any more juice on the upcoming models?
lucky number #8 w/USB.   I believe that 8 is a lucky number in China... which I'm thinking is a sign that I should also be ordering HE-500. If you try hard enough you can convince yourself of anything ;)
Hopefully one day Schiit will have enough products to compose the lyrics to an entire Turisas song ;/   
x2 on good source for the LCD-2, especially for scope of the soundstage and placement of instruments.   I spent years looking for a system that could keep up with the wide bandwidth and speed of metal, I owned SR325is and DT880, then upped my financial commitment and auditioned lower-end Stax, Ed8, GS1000i and Beyer T1.    Then I got LCD-2 (first with a Musical Fidelity M1 HPA and more recently with Schiit Lyr, both great) and for me at least, the search is over,...
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