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Beyerdynamic DT770 Premium 600Ω, bought brand new about 7 months ago and have about 50 hours on them. A/10 condition.   I originally bought them as a high-impedance partner to the Bottlehead Crack OTL amp (awesome pairing, IMHO one of the best value systems in headfi). I loved the setup so much I upgraded to Beyer T1, which is why I'm selling the 770s.   They are 100% working, sound great, and come as new with all the original packaging, padded case, 1/4 inch...
if nothing else, I'm super intrigued by the mysterious technology that Jason has been promising in the statement DAC. Anyone want to hazard a guess? A novel R-2R / multibit implementation? Who knows...
Quote: It's a killer, and right at the time I'm in the market for an end-game* balanced dac (just finished my balanced-only beta22 build). Matrix mini 'rental' will have to plug the gap ;/    * like this hobby ever has an end-game 
thanks for the suggestion. That does look nice, but AmpCity list the 7.1 now for £1200. I'm pushing it with £1k tbh, can't afford to 20% over budget     
kind of you to offer - I'm in Northamptonshire.
thanks guys.   @szadzik as far as I can tell, the Octave isn't balanced, so that's out for me, I've implemented my beta22 as balanced input/output only. With regard to AmpCity, they may be a touch expensive, but they are offering a UK-based warranty and a 30-day trial period, which for me makes the extra worth it over an overseas supplier.   @Duckman SBTouch (with soundcheck's toolkit software mods and sigma11 linear psu) will be the transport via coax. I think...
I've been looking for a sub-1000GBP DAC to pair up with my LCD2r1 and newly DIYed balanced beta22 and my search has led me as far as the Lite DAC-83, although I'm finding impressions on it incredibly scarce. There's a review by John Darko on Digital Audio Review, but apart from that... radio silence. Has anyone heard one that can offer a comment, or a good alternative?
X-DAC vs. Lite Dac-83? That would be a boss-move IMHO 
subscribed   look forward to seeing more impressions on this one, looks like it might tick a lot of boxes for my DAC search
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