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Quote: It's a killer, and right at the time I'm in the market for an end-game* balanced dac (just finished my balanced-only beta22 build). Matrix mini 'rental' will have to plug the gap ;/    * like this hobby ever has an end-game 
thanks for the suggestion. That does look nice, but AmpCity list the 7.1 now for £1200. I'm pushing it with £1k tbh, can't afford to 20% over budget     
kind of you to offer - I'm in Northamptonshire.
thanks guys.   @szadzik as far as I can tell, the Octave isn't balanced, so that's out for me, I've implemented my beta22 as balanced input/output only. With regard to AmpCity, they may be a touch expensive, but they are offering a UK-based warranty and a 30-day trial period, which for me makes the extra worth it over an overseas supplier.   @Duckman SBTouch (with soundcheck's toolkit software mods and sigma11 linear psu) will be the transport via coax. I think...
I've been looking for a sub-1000GBP DAC to pair up with my LCD2r1 and newly DIYed balanced beta22 and my search has led me as far as the Lite DAC-83, although I'm finding impressions on it incredibly scarce. There's a review by John Darko on Digital Audio Review, but apart from that... radio silence. Has anyone heard one that can offer a comment, or a good alternative?
X-DAC vs. Lite Dac-83? That would be a boss-move IMHO 
subscribed   look forward to seeing more impressions on this one, looks like it might tick a lot of boxes for my DAC search
PM sent
I'm in a similar predicament @AppleheadMay - I'm probably leaning towards the Lavry, if only because I'm interested in the digital crossfeed implementation, but I'm going to hold out to see what Schiit have in store with their mid-tier and statement DACs in the new year.
sold to Yamnick.
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