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user: domv   would like to see more active monitors, e.g. adam audio!
 Good tip on the website, it's looks half built but I was able to glean some rough pricing from it. Twenty quid loaner programme bodes well..
Did anyone score pricing/availability from electromod on the Gungnir Multibit and Mjolnir 2?
Atlas Equator MkII 2m Pair RCA Phono Interconnect 2 metre pair of Atlas Equator MkII RCA interconnects - fully working, great sounding and rock solid construction. These are 6N (99.9999%) oxygen free copper cables in perfect condition, ideal for connecting a hifi source (cd player, DAC, turntable etc) to your pre, power or headphone amp. These are the best interconnects I've owned, but I no longer need the 2m length, hence the sale. I'm asking £44.99 OBO,...
sale pending
Epiphany Audio EHP-O2 headphone amp (objective 2) for sale   I've had this amp from new since March 2012, and rarely used it - 50 hours max. Comes with it's rechargeable battery and UK AC mains adaptor.   I'm reducing my collection to the "essentials" hence the sale, nothing against the amp, it's really good - solidly built, dead quiet and extremely neutral. I've used it with Yuin PK1, Grado SR60i and Senn PX200-II and been very pleased across the board.   UK...
YUIN PK1 for sale, perfect condition, very low mileage. These are warranty replacements for a set I bought on headfi six months ago, and are effectively brand-new. I've put about 10-20 hours on them, so they are guaranteed fully functional, but barely broken-in.   Reason for sale is simply after years of using only circum- and supra- aural 'phones I decided to experiment with in-ear, but don't like things stuck in my ears any more.   They don't come in the fancy...
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