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Holy Schi.... I'm selling my 230V Mjolnir 2. It's a great amp, but as I'm using it mostly as a preamp for my active monitors these days, I figured I might be better off with an actual preamp, as I fancy having a remote control.   Bought ex-demo from the EU distributor (Mark at Electromod) in November 2015 - came with the as-new warranty of two years, so the balance remains. It's in great condition, comes in original packaging, manual etc and will be supplied with the...
I most certainly did not vote for brexit! Keeping within the UK just keeps life a bit simpler for me, sorry.
@CarlosUnchained Yes, sorry.
EDIT: price lowered
EDIT: If you want to collect and pay cash, be my guest, I am in Northamptonshire. Otherwise, please.
For Sale! I bought brand new Elear and HD800S at the same time with a view to keeping one, and I've decided to sell the Elear, I'm in love with the expansive sound of the HD800. They are in perfect condition with a few tens of hours listening on them, all pristine original packaging.   The only difference to a stock pair is that I've re-terminated the standard cable with a Neutrik 4-pin male XLR. This makes the cable about 30cm shorter (it's insanely long to start with)....
final price drop; it's worth more to me to keep than any less. £500.
price down to £600 OBO
Reluctantly selling my one-of-a-kind, John Westlake modified Audiolab M-DAC and the huge power supply I built for it, to fund another project. Great condition, sounds fantastic. Comes with remote and original packaging.   M-DAC The M-DAC is four years old and lightly used in that time, it was upgraded by its designer John Westlake in late 2012 with a series of internal modifications to improve the stability of the power supply regulation to the Sabre DAC IC. At the...
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