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Leaks (Wharfedales!) are pretty fine. I run mine direct from a Matrix Head amp with no problem. Not bad for a 35 year old phone! Maybe they got it right first time. Only thing that's changed? Efficiency, maybe. Plus inflated cost!
Am I the only one here who utilises a normal amplifier to listen to 'phones? Tap off the speaker sockets into my Wharfedales-they were provided, originally, with an adaptor, albeit a DIN one (it was the 1970s!)  Not knowing enough about amps and the effects of a non 8 ohm load, am I losing anything?
On being 'more' invisible......I was of course, being ironic! But, on serious note, it reminds me of a Paul Horn record, recorded in the Taj Mahal, where (apart from an amazing  20 second echo!!) the sound of a distant firework display is heard. And studio in London where you can hear the rumble of the Tube-trains under the building!
I think you mean 'Omniscient' here!As in 'all-knowing'! Definition of this pedant! (He wishes) (-: Off to be 'more invisible' again!
" Audeze’s background is less noticeable and more invisible, where the PM-1 background is noticeably jet black and omnipresent"   What? MORE invisible? How is that again? And a background being 'omnipresent'?
Yes to tweeters (I think). My Leak 3090 speakers have orthodynamic tweeters.
Quote..."UK & European Head-Fi members contemplating purchasing the PM-1, DO NOT do so until OPPO have implemented a fair price policy for us, as we should not be blatantly ripped off with the current dollar/pound price parity that penalises us because of where we live. OPPO, I and many other European audiophiles want to buy the PM-1, but don't take the p*ss and think that you can rip us off with your discriminatory pricing. Cheers, Andy."       +1 You're...
Despite other opinions, I'd read that, as Planars were capacitative, wires shouldn't make a difference?   (Waiting to be shot down on this one!)
Wow! Pigeon-toeing!I like it!I love how phrases get mangled on here - and elsewhere! - sometimes.We've had 'piers' for 'peers'.Now this for 'pigeon-holing'Origin.Pigeon's fly into holes, like a filing/postal sorting office, hence ...holing, as in categorising! Anyway, why can't Oppo try and jump on this 'charge a fortune for headphones' bandwagon?Who were Audez'e once?I'm amazed at how many folks on here have multi-set ups; SEVERAL Audez'es, etc.!A lot of the world can't...
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