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This is MY concern about the amp (or any headphone amp)I use Wharfedale Isodynamics, that are lovely to listen to but VERY inefficient. I use a Hafler DH200 amp! 120 ohms. Specs say will handle not more than 25 volt rms music. My chances of finding someone who uses these AND has a M-Z is tiny! (Still wading through this string!)
Does the USA price include sales tax? (Like our VAT)A reason I try to import from USA-no real reason to have a Dollar= Euro/Pound, especially as it's not an electronic item.
ljgmdad-saw your post on Dharma. I'm surprised that the MHDT dacs need (it seems) so much modding, as the whole concept of MHDT is that they carefully choose the 'ingredients' for sound production! I started with Paradisea, then spied a modded Havana  on Wigwam for sale and snapped it up, selling the Paradisea. Sounds nice to me -as someone else said, sounds just like it's letting the music through (like the original 'window into music' from Quad 57s!)
Thanks for this! I found a reference to the Pagoda whilst looking up Dharma headphones. But it has made me try my modded Havana dac on my headphone set-up (replacing a basic Fiio thing) as I rarely play my main hi-fi. Nice result!   Phones used late at night most nights-including falling asleep with phones on! An essential comfort check-can you doze off in them!
If it's like my Havana dac, the tube is only a buffer.Haven't looked yet.
Wow! Tin can alley STILL being used as sample! (I'll ignore your typo!)I used to use this as a 'play it VERY loud' track on my Klipschorns in the....80s!Not sure it's ideal for seeking out nuances of equipment though as it's such a clean, sparse sound-impressive though it is!RIP Stevie ray. i think music with percussion or voice -the ear/brain is tuned to voice complexities.I use Radio Tarifa 'Baile de Almut' as I know the subtleties.
Still using my WHITE Wharfedale Isodynamics, bought in 1974! (With black pads, now crumbling and inner black padding)   (Though not via iPod! MUCH too inefficient)
Shane! Glad you escaped! Hope all is well now.Puts Hi-Fi madness into perspective!
Well, congratulations on coming over this side of Ocean. But....London is so much hassle. And expensive......And it's not central in UK, despite being the Capital. Try Birmingham next time, maybe?   But then, it might be my extreme aversion to London speaking.
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