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Well, congratulations on coming over this side of Ocean. But....London is so much hassle. And expensive......And it's not central in UK, despite being the Capital. Try Birmingham next time, maybe?   But then, it might be my extreme aversion to London speaking.
Leaks (Wharfedales!) are pretty fine. I run mine direct from a Matrix Head amp with no problem. Not bad for a 35 year old phone! Maybe they got it right first time. Only thing that's changed? Efficiency, maybe. Plus inflated cost!
Am I the only one here who utilises a normal amplifier to listen to 'phones? Tap off the speaker sockets into my Wharfedales-they were provided, originally, with an adaptor, albeit a DIN one (it was the 1970s!)  Not knowing enough about amps and the effects of a non 8 ohm load, am I losing anything?
On being 'more' invisible......I was of course, being ironic! But, on serious note, it reminds me of a Paul Horn record, recorded in the Taj Mahal, where (apart from an amazing  20 second echo!!) the sound of a distant firework display is heard. And studio in London where you can hear the rumble of the Tube-trains under the building!
I think you mean 'Omniscient' here!As in 'all-knowing'! Definition of this pedant! (He wishes) (-: Off to be 'more invisible' again!
" Audeze’s background is less noticeable and more invisible, where the PM-1 background is noticeably jet black and omnipresent"   What? MORE invisible? How is that again? And a background being 'omnipresent'?
Yes to tweeters (I think). My Leak 3090 speakers have orthodynamic tweeters.
Quote..."UK & European Head-Fi members contemplating purchasing the PM-1, DO NOT do so until OPPO have implemented a fair price policy for us, as we should not be blatantly ripped off with the current dollar/pound price parity that penalises us because of where we live. OPPO, I and many other European audiophiles want to buy the PM-1, but don't take the p*ss and think that you can rip us off with your discriminatory pricing. Cheers, Andy."       +1 You're...
Despite other opinions, I'd read that, as Planars were capacitative, wires shouldn't make a difference?   (Waiting to be shot down on this one!)
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