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My bedside table. Just dug out some old skool gear. Altogether a Sony Mini Disc MZ-R70, a Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1, Ipod Video Classic with Fiio E11, Colorfly C4 Pro, and AKG K550's.
I've had this just a week now and I'm pretty happy with the purchase. The sound quality is a huge improvement over my ipod. I've paired it with some AKG K550's and the detail is astounding. I've got to say that I've not noticed this combo lacking in bass, but then I'm not one for huge bass anyway, I much prefer bass to be tight and not overpowering. Clarity is exceptionally high. I listen to a good mix of music from your standard pop, to hip hop, to classical and metal,...
I've only had these 5 minutes! lol, they're pretty much the same ( but assuming they have a shorter or removable cable? ) but almost £100 more, which doesn't justify the extra cost imo.
If thats aimed at me, then funnily enough I was going to post on here asking what recommendations people have. Its a bloody long chord and is a bit of a pain, but at the moment I'm simply rolling up part of it and pushing it in my pocket.
The latest addition (AKG K550's) a bargain at £140, very detailed and open sounding for a closed pair. Chuffed with them.
I started reading these forums regularly a few weeks ago....a few weeks ago I had the Ipod and nothing else...
No problem, its early yet, but one thing that struck me was the clear difference when upscaling from 16 to 24bit. I was not expecting to hear a difference, but there is a clear improvement, impressive. I've ripped a lot of vinyl recently too and on the ipod it was not a hugely pleasant experience but on this it sounds, well, it sounds like vinyl should sound. The EQ presets are excellent too, its the first time I've been happy to use them
Picked mine up this afternoon. Theres not a great deal in the manual, but its pretty easy to get about. Not sure if this will help but here's a few pages from the english manual.
A bit late now, as I've just ordered the Colorfly C4, so should have that and the K550's tomorrow. I would never have spent the money on the C4 but with the amazon vouchers I had tucked away I couldnt resist. I will look at the Fischers though as I could do with some decent iem's for outdoor use. So my current setup will now look like this: Outdoor walking to work/dogs: Ipod G5.5 Fiio E11 Goldring GX200's (to be replaced, might well be with those Fischers...
Luckily I don't wear glasses. If the AKG's manage to sound as good to me as the Grado's (albeit slightly different due to being closed) then I'll be more than happy. Here's to the start of my step into the realms of headfi. I think it may become an expensive hobby...
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