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Opeth - Ghost Reveries  
Ha ha, its pretty similar!   That's a great looking music room 
Just taken delivery of a pair of Signature Pro's. On my test tracks they sound pretty much perfect. Hopefully this is it.
They're not a model I've ever heard of, but after doing more reading, I'm edging towards something different like the HiFiman now.
I've been getting itchy feet and looking at a new set of headphones.   I last purchased a set of AKG K550s and already have a pair of Grado SR60s. The AKG's have been my primary set as I listen to most of my music in bed and the Grado's leak sooo much, which has  seen them sat in a drawer for the last couple of years.   Tonight, on the back of reading reviews and moving towards making a decision, I've done a side by side comparison between the two. I cannot believe the...
My bedside table. Just dug out some old skool gear. Altogether a Sony Mini Disc MZ-R70, a Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1, Ipod Video Classic with Fiio E11, Colorfly C4 Pro, and AKG K550's.
I've had this just a week now and I'm pretty happy with the purchase. The sound quality is a huge improvement over my ipod. I've paired it with some AKG K550's and the detail is astounding. I've got to say that I've not noticed this combo lacking in bass, but then I'm not one for huge bass anyway, I much prefer bass to be tight and not overpowering. Clarity is exceptionally high. I listen to a good mix of music from your standard pop, to hip hop, to classical and metal,...
I've only had these 5 minutes! lol, they're pretty much the same ( but assuming they have a shorter or removable cable? ) but almost £100 more, which doesn't justify the extra cost imo.
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