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Noted ^^ Thanks. Price is dropped.
Been using these non-stop these days on my commute and at work. Basically these have been going with me everywhere whether I have other cans or not. The Zns have been really convenient (love the ear hooks -- very cool to just pull out the earbud to hear something or someone speaking and just plug it back in) and they sound sublime and fun. To my ears, I definitely hear a blend of M-100 and XS. The bass is very reminiscent of the M-100 and the mids and highs remind me of...
Nice impressions glad you're enjoying them as much as I am. ^^ These have been coming with me everywhere, they're getting more ear time than all my other cans. The sound is addicting, especially the bass reproduction and the vocals. I haven't switched out the ear tips yet, might do that one of these days for comparison.
This ^^ I will add that the only reason to get an M-100 is if you want the folding mechanism. But other wise the CFW is a no-brainer if you want an upgrade when wired and pretty much the same SQ as M-100 when wireless.
Ok upon listening some more, I'm hooked on the bass extension and simultaneous impact. I would say the bass is closer to M-100 bass while the mids are reminiscent of the XS. The highs are there but not as sparkly as the M-100. The meat and potatoes of this IEM are the bass and mids, I am convinced. Good amount of clarity all-around also. These are just fun, got me toe-tapping. Vocals sound very fleshed out and natural.
I, like you, also prefer my M-100 to the XS (I love the last bit of sparkle on top even though to my ears the XS is a bit more balanced and more neutral across the frequency). But I think I prefer these to the XS too. The Zn seems to be pretty balanced like the XS but they also have a bit more energy and punch in the bass, without ever being sloppy or slow. The bass detail is great also. It sounds full-bodied and fast. Will post some more impressions when I do some more...
Just received mine and have been putting them through their paces with different genres. So far they sound great with anything I throw at them. The bass has strong impact but never overshadows the midrange, in fact it falls nicely right in line with them. And the midrange is where they shine, nice and open. Highs are non-fatiguing. Tonally, these sound closer to the XS than to the M-100.
Rebought a pair of DT 1350s. I've owned these a few times and now they're staying with me for good. Love their unique, detailed sound. A very special headphone indeed, glad they're still getting some love. Cheers!
They look beautiful! Love the color combo. Would love to know your impressions. I have been enjoying my pair more and more.
I think you'll be pleased with the SQ and experience especially without cables. It's already amazing at the MSRP and with a discount attached, I would definitely jump on that. I feel the same way, usually I carry a messenger bag and always have to take off my headphones before I take off the bag because the cable would be in the way. Now I can leave the headphones on with music playing while taking off my bag. Doesn't seem like a big deal but it makes a difference for me...
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