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payment sent
Congrats Andrew W!!!
 Haha I don't even know how to tweet even though I have a twitter. I am barely on it and even forgot my username. So I feel you on some level there.
Entered! Thank you for the opportunity!
Awesome review thank you!!
Nice first impressions ^^
Maybe what he means is that there's less midbass punch/slam but more subbass? Although with dubstep I'd say there's a good amount of both.
Nice to see you too buddy! These days I've been swapping between the M-100, the XS, the Momentum and my Z1000. Here and there I'll throw in the HD25 (can't let that headphone go for the life of me). Oh and I absolutely love the Yamaha PRO 500 but I never take them out because they're a little clunky/heavy for portable use IMO. The M-100s are my favorites at the moment for portable use (the sound sig is quite perfect for trains and public transportation and the XL pads...
Excellent video review DF!! I miss those little Beyers myself (I've bought and sold them a couple times). Maybe I'll pick up the facelift version in the future. Those mids and bass extension are addictive.
Really interested in trying a these. How does the soundstage/imaging compare with the 25s? Any improvement?
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