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Hi all, I have a Beyer T51p in good condition with the case and documents, however the left side has cut out. If you know how to recable, consider these a steal for great-sounding cans.  Price all in, includes shipping. I take Paypal only, buyer pays Paypal fee or can send payment as GIFT. Thanks and if you have any questions, PM me.
 I don't know those two but I have also had trouble with IEMs in the past and for that reason, I don't have many and mostly use over-ears. These are the first IEMs that have been completely comfortable. They don't feel invasive and I can wear them for long periods. Very stable in the ear as well. Definitely thinking about picking up the wireless in the near future.
 Funny, I took my M-100s out today with me along with the Forza that are now kept in my jacket pocket all the time. I think they have a similar sound in terms of the V-MODA house sound with superb, detailed bass. The differences are that the mids are slightly more up front on the Forza and the highs are more sparkly on the M-100. The Forza's highs, to my ears, are more reminiscent to that of the highs of the XS. With that said, I enjoy the M-100 and the Forza a lot. They...
 I wear them down with just the wings. There's some microphonics similar to other IEMS, however once I have music on I barely notice it. V-MODA also includes a clip so you can clip the cable to your shirt/jacket and this will help with microphonics. I used to use one with my Etys back in the day and it did the trick.
  Hey, it depends on which ATH headphone/IEM you're referring to, as many of them sound different, some warmer some not so warm. Generally though, Audio Technicas tend to have a bit more treble in comparison. Which sometimes, may or may not be a good thing when it comes to the genres you are listening to. For example, treble is great for rock but for trance/dance/house not so much as there are higher electronic frequencies that could hurt your hearing if you're listening...
With the Metallo, there were slight microphonics but this is easily fixed if you wear them around your ears like the Zn. Even wearing them down though, it never bothered me.Isolation is the same with or without wings. The wings add more stability and comfort especially if you are active and for example if I wear just one ear, I know it's going to have extra reinforcement with the fin and will not break seal, while the other earbud is hanging idly.I will add that even...
Finally got a chance to review these. Love both the Metallo and Sport. May the Forza be with you 
The Mikros 90 is in mint condition and sounds beautiful. They come and the box and accessories. If you're interested, shoot me a pm. Price includes shipping and buyer chooses 'GIFT' or pays the Paypal 3.5% fee. Thanks for looking.
Hi,   The Sony MDR-Z1000 is in great condition and comes with the box and all accessories. Feel free to PM me if interested.   Price includes shipping. Paypal GIFT or buyer takes care of paypal 3.5% paypal fee.   Thanks for looking.   Edit: Photos are up!
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