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Awesome review thank you!!
Nice first impressions ^^
Maybe what he means is that there's less midbass punch/slam but more subbass? Although with dubstep I'd say there's a good amount of both.
Nice to see you too buddy! These days I've been swapping between the M-100, the XS, the Momentum and my Z1000. Here and there I'll throw in the HD25 (can't let that headphone go for the life of me). Oh and I absolutely love the Yamaha PRO 500 but I never take them out because they're a little clunky/heavy for portable use IMO. The M-100s are my favorites at the moment for portable use (the sound sig is quite perfect for trains and public transportation and the XL pads...
Excellent video review DF!! I miss those little Beyers myself (I've bought and sold them a couple times). Maybe I'll pick up the facelift version in the future. Those mids and bass extension are addictive.
Really interested in trying a these. How does the soundstage/imaging compare with the 25s? Any improvement?
Both of those would look gorgeous.
Thanks!The isolation of the XS is not as good as the 1350, and I actually found the M-100 to isolate more than the XS with XL pads - not sure about stock as it's been a while since I've had the stock pads on the M-100. The isolation on the XS is good enough on trains and public transportation for me but it may or may not be enough for you as a DJ. I would suggest trying them out and yes the bass is tighter and punchier than that of the M-100. It's quicker also so I...
Here is my official review on the product page.
And here's my official review on the product page.   Btw nice photos Spider and you captured the "Gap" pretty damn well!
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