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I've been looking at these options and the DragonFly seems like a great option. Can you control the volume of all DACs from windows? 
How do those compare to the 32 Ohm version. I want something lower impedance so that they are easier to drive.
Hello All   I'm looking for a usb dac because my computer audio out seems a bit wack. It's an ITX motherboard with a "gaming" grade amp but it breaks up in the high. I'm also looking for something that has an EQ built in, that would be awesome. Other than that looking at the sub $150 budget and very compact. Preferably something I can get on amazon prime.   Update Something I can control the volume from my PC.
Hello   I want to upgrade to a different set of headphones. Currently I have some AKG K550s but I feel like the bass is lacking too much. I want something with a bit more forward bass but retaining similar quality. As I mentioned in the title ~$200, Closed, Full Size & low impedance prefered. After comparing them to my friends Shures SRH840, I've decided I want to make the switch to something else.
I have a pair of FA-002w s that I burned out one of the drivers on. If you have just a driver or a pair with a broken driver I am willing to buy. I have all other parts.
I agree with you, but I have noticed the difference in flac and mp3 in certain genres. I personally think that all electronic music should be exported via flac or wav because it often times needs that extra detail. It's a noticable difference in detail and it seems like it often times has "cleaner" bass. The cleaner bass is often times how I notice the difference between flac and mp3 in a more difficult genre like pop or classical.
I think we should have "For Sale" poster. A few people came with one or two things they would be willing to sell. If we had a poster that included the price, the item and who to talk too, it would be more buyer and seller friendly. It would also attract attention to those people that don't really like to get together for meets but avidly buy and sell their headphone gear.
http://techtalk.parts-express.com/forumdisplay.php?f=2   Looks here, I avidly use that forum for DIY speakers that will give you a lot greater bang for your buck.   I recommend a pair of Overnight Sensations or the MTM variation because they are available in flat packs(Ikea Furnature) and they are really good for their low price.
warp08, I corrected my post. Thank you.
Everyone's enjoying a different set           Not only were the 650s on deck, there was also a set of 600s and two sets of 800s.     Onsong brought a nice array of Calyx DACs for us to try.     Everyone was talking about the HiFiman HE-500 and HE-300.       Another pair of beautiful HE-500s w/ reference cables from Whiplash.       Everyone loved the gear Ray brought.     A nice "Little"...
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