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Very interesting!
Think around 1997-99 me thinks?
Look what I spotted on the first series of Sopranos. Not sure if anyone else has posted it.
Well the headband went on my AiAiAi's but rather than bin them or sulk, I thought I'd produce an audiophile type helmet for my snowsports.   I started with the obvious measurements and trimming of the band, stripped the foam off the band and drilled some small holes. I then drilled small holes in the outer shell of the helmet (not through the foam on the inside as that is of course the protective part), I then  pot riveted the band to the lid.   I then ground the sharp...
  Well the band snapped on my TMA-1's so I decided to pot rivet them to my snowboard helmet. Gonna have some sweet sounds on them slopes!
If you have the Sony's and are build/asthetic conscious, then I would stick with the Sony's. I have both and the Sony's get more head time in general due to the weight. I really love the sound as well. I still use my PSB's a lot though but would I go out and buy the PSB's if I had the Sony's and was cautious about asthetics/build quality? No I probably wouldn't. I would go for the 598's you like or even a used set of 600's IMO
  You can't see them when they are on your head. If you want the best headphone in it's category regardless of price, then it has to be the PSB. Just look at what each of them have won in way of awards and recognition, reviews. That alone should answer your question. I like my Sony's for travel due to the weight but the PSB's are the best closed headphone I have listened to for a long time. I think you just need time to audition them if pos?
I'd say BOSE are more like the apple of sound, though I get where you are coming from.
And that is where they (and too many others) falls flat on it's designer ass!   Like the look but I am not even nearly surprised to hear that they don't match up to their RRP. Though my uber cool mates and many a frequent flyer will no doubt be rocking them come the summer!   Yawn!!!
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