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I know! I'd have had one written by now tut tut ;-)
Please stop this! My wallet is already weeping!!!!!
Hmmm.... I think I may have done that but I shall try again. It's a real serious humming if not buzzing. Thanks for the info, I will try that asap and report back.
I'm gonna guess this is US only?
lol I was expecting that! It happens when I put my coffee cup down on my desk not when I actually touch the/knock the amp itself. ANY help out there? Yes I have tried contacting LD but because I bought from someone on here rather than direct, I was offered no advice/help. I'm not moaning about that, it's his prerogative. I just want to fix it.
Anyone tell me why my mk4 SE hums from left channel if knocked even slightly? It goes if switched off, cooled and switched on again but it's very annoying!
What a twunt!
Very interesting!
Think around 1997-99 me thinks?
Look what I spotted on the first series of Sopranos. Not sure if anyone else has posted it.
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