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Hmm....well I ran it through a lovely Denon amp )yes they do exist) and more recently through my Marantz 610 but it hummed (which is defo not a phone related issue, don;t have a phone near it and it occurs if I even tap on the desk) I turned the amp off when it buzzed and the 610 almost blew! Popped and went off, couldn;t switch it on for a while, thought I'd killed it!!!
Cheers pal. I have changed tubes over and ran as a pre-amp so not tubes or HP socket. Will check other options, I started to take it apart but chickened out and put it back together, I'm not confident with that so will poss take it in somewhere?   Thanks again.
My MK4 SE has developed a buzzing from left channel. Any thoughts? It starts after a few mins of use or if desktop is even slightly knocked (like putting coffee down!). I'm thinking I'll have to bite the bullet and take it in to be looked at?   Also, I know someone mentioned the chances of blowing speakers when using LD's as a pre-amp. Anyone with thoughts on that?
Hijack!   I have buzzing coming from my left channel (mk4 SE) it starts after a short time or if the desktop is even gently knocked. HELP!
Hmmmmm.....the jury is out on this one. I want to like them but am somewhat skeptical.
I know! I'd have had one written by now tut tut ;-)
Please stop this! My wallet is already weeping!!!!!
Hmmm.... I think I may have done that but I shall try again. It's a real serious humming if not buzzing. Thanks for the info, I will try that asap and report back.
I'm gonna guess this is US only?
lol I was expecting that! It happens when I put my coffee cup down on my desk not when I actually touch the/knock the amp itself. ANY help out there? Yes I have tried contacting LD but because I bought from someone on here rather than direct, I was offered no advice/help. I'm not moaning about that, it's his prerogative. I just want to fix it.
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