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And i forgot to mention wider soundstage in CKR5IS compared to etymotic. Sorry i have northing else to compare it to. They also win on fit by wide margin and seem to have more durable design.
I don't know if i will add any value for anybody. I just got CKR5IS and I have to say that i've never listened to anything like it. Its the most powerful bass in ie headphones that i ever expereinced. It sounds like over ear actually. However they lack the clarity and detail of etymotic, which in turn lacks bass and has incredibly bad fit. Etymotic HF5 still has more natural and balanced sound. But AT CKR5IS is still lots of fun especially for electronic music.
Aventura "Desperacio"
People are divided 50/50 regarding which sound is better. So if for some reason you prefer HFI 780 over DENON D2000 lets trade. Depending on condition and age of your DENON I can pay up to 70 USD based on the difference in price on amazon between the two. I took 70% of the price and calculated the difference. So if your DENON is same age as my Ultrasone I'm offering to trade plus 70 bucks. Mine are just couple of months old with a receipt. 
jokerl, I'm sure others have already asked somethere, but I'm just curious how do you get all these headphones, does anybody sponsor you to do this or you your own money ? Is it sponsored by HeadFi ?
I just looked at IEM list, I had no idea there is one, thanks for letting me know. My understanding that there is no difference in sound between HF5 and ER 6i. Looks like HF5 is really best value for the dollar with retail at $135. I'm glad that I made right decision. Do you think its worth to upgrade HF5 to AT CK10 ?
My list   Senn PX90, HD 418 SONY MDR V6, MDR XB700 AT FC700, PRO5HS Ultrasone 15G, DJ1 Philips SWS8000 Pioneer HDJ-1000 AKG 181DJ
So I guess you will be releasing IEM list ? I'm looking forward to that. Is HF5 on the list ? I'm just curious where it would be placed in your ranking. This guy really needs burn in.
Just enjoy the music, don't worry about headphones. I found that obsession about quality of sound has no limits, but after all they exist just to reproduce the music, it is the music itself that is important. I've spent some $3300 on my car sound and I absolutely love it, but because I disconnected crappy rear stock speakers all people sitting in the back can hear is the pounding bass coming from rear woofer, so I'm wondering I should drop another grand just make people...
Angelopsaro, I wouldn't say that SHP5401 has similar sound signature to D1001K, the whole reason why D1001K/CAL have such highly praised sound is because of Fostex bio cellulose driver used. The king of dynamic headphones Sony MDR-R10 (worth some 3-4K) also has bio cellulose driver. My understanding is that it was originally developed by Sony before Foster. The sound is very delicate, soft and no fatiguing at all, its bright but not too bright, it has just right amount...
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