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~SOLD~   I bought my D-zero and L9 about a month ago, and only used it twice.  I though I would get more use out of it, but to me it's more of a hassle connecting/disconnecting it when I want to use it.    They are both brand new....not a single scratch, dent or blemish.  Will come with all accessories.    Not going to add pics unless someone really needs them.  Its brand new, ordered on 4/15/13 and only used twice. It looks exactly like the pictures on their...
Done, Done and Done!  
Thanks, I'll look into those....still on my quest =)  
LFM =)  
I know this has been asked before, I've searched around...but I have a few special needs on my search.    I'm looking for a decent pair of headphones for my electronic music.  I own the HD600's and think they sound pretty damn good for just about all my music, but I bought my HD600's for classical/vocal and they fit the bill perfectly.   I'd like to find something closed, that work just as good with Dubstep and other Electronic genres.  I'm not much of a...
I'd prefer not to be stacking components upon components.  I want something slim, quick to take out of my pocket or backpack (while in use) and the ability to make use of the amp foremost, DAC functionality second.  If I can get them both to work in the same unit later on (when and if I switch to a Galaxy) then I'll be happy with that outcome, but right now...I'm concerned about the amp working with both iPhone and then the Galaxy without having to change hardware when I...
I'm scared what this event will do to my wallet.  I thought I was content.....  
  I'm pretty sure I'll be going to Canlanta, being that its so close to me....trying to talk a friend to come along with me.  I would really love to try out what some of the more seasoned audiophiles have.  Rckyosho, posted above that the D-Zero does come with two of the bands....I'll be buying it new so looks like that wont be an issue =)    Thank you all for your help!
  I've had my eye on the Bottlehead, I've heard how nicely they'd go with my HD600's.  Love to try that thing out  =)
I live here in Midtown and would love to come check everything out.  I've never been to an event like this, and I'm pretty new with my gear.  I dont have anyting portable to bring except my HD600's.  Is it acceptable to show with just your cans to talk and try out other stuff....I could probably talk your ears off all day.  Would seems like a great learning experience!  Would we need to buy tickets or anything?
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