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Hey thanks for the link, however that's not what I meant. CdArt Display is a small program that shows a minified (skinnable) player on the desktop which shows currently playing song and may or may not have simple controls like pause next stop for the music player.
Hey guys, anyone using Cd Art Display or something similar? I'm trying to make it work but well... if it did I wouldn't be here asking xD. I've seen some foobar components to integrate cad but no luck so far.
Bookshelf, I like passive a little more. Sounds better to me paying $300 for a passive than $300 for an active (part of the price is the amp, not all on speaker quality). I'd love to find some stereo receiver like the HK3490(includes DAC - toslink input) a little cheaper, $440 just for receiver will hurt my speaker budget a lot.
I'm gonna buy the Silverstone SG-05 (mini-itx), so no room for sound card. I have around $800 but I would really really REALLY like to spent less. My source will be my computer. I've been also considering Audioengine D1 - A5+. I want something decent that makes me want to keep it for a couple of years or more, not $90 that I will change pretty soon and become useless on my closet ;)
Hey guys, I want to upgrade my audio setup for speakers. I need a headphone out aswell, I'm not gonna be able to use my Xonar ST, unless you really think is not worthy and I should definitely keep my sound card.   Any other suggestions are welcome!
Ahh screw it... i just lost my multi-quote-explained answer  (i asked about SRH940 HD600 HD650 HE300)   Thanks all for your comments, i narrowed it to HD650 - HE300, the thing is my amp is just my ST's headphone out, and i read many times about the 650's being amazing the more you spent on source - amp - cables - etc, I can't even afford a new amp + headphones now lol, hence the HE300 which seems to be easy to drive and a review from headfonia was all but bad.
  HD-600 vs HD-650 vs HE-300 vs SRH-940 for:  
  Nice thanks !  
^^^ Thx m8!
What amp are you using with the 940's ? Considering buying them but i don't have an amp other than Xonar ST and i think is about time to upgrade.
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