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  No comparison in my book. The Denon D5000/7000s can't even come close. For my money there isn't a better pair of closed phones anywhere. That being said, I haven't tried any of the Lawton Audio modified Denons. Still, if I had more time to listen at work, I'd consider owning a second pair of Thunderpants.
  Do you have balanced headphones? If so, which ones? Not at the moment. If not, are you looking at balanced headphones or a balanced amp in the future? Am considering whether my next set would be balanced. For balanced headphone output, how important is it to have dual three-pin XLRs as well as a 4-pin XLR? Given my current lack of XLR cabled headphones, not at all. For a balanced amp, how important is it to also have single-ended outputs? It's...
Alright, I don't have a ton of gear and I'm fairly new to this whole thing, but I'll be there.
And... ordered. is down.
I was looking into at CTH myself, but the lack of pre-built options sent me the other direction. I recently picked up a Schiit Lyr for my TPs, and I'm pretty happy with my purchase. YMMV.
Again, I can only speak to the 780s, but after owning them for a month, I HATED them. If I hadn't gotten my hands on a pair of Thunderpants, I was looking at Denons, Beyers and Audio Technicas instead. The Denons were comfy and sounded pretty decent - certainly not shrill like the 780s, the Beyers were comfy but a bit boomy for my taste, and I never got around to auditioning ATH. Maybe the 780s are the least comfortable Ultrasones around and the rest are fine, but I sure...
  Did you find that they affected the sound? I tried them myself, and while they helped a bit from a comfort perspective, I felt that they lost some of the tightness in the low end. Made them feel flabby to me.
Can't speak directly to the 580s, but I will say that the HFI-780s had 3 significant problems for me:   1. The clamping force - way too high, especially if you wear glasses. 2. The pleather used is super stiff and cuts into your head - both with the earpads and the head pad. 3. I found the 780s to have several ridiculous treble peaks - they seemed really shrill and hurt my ears.   Let me restate that these criticisms apply only to the HFI-780s, as I have not...
I figured some folks here might have some interest in taking a look at the Smeggy made Bloodwood Thunderpants I picked up in December. They sound amazing, and my wife appreciates my using a closed can. Thanks Smegs!  
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