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Checking in! Its been a few months!   Its great to see that the community is having tons of fun modding and discovering this headphone. I just want to say that i never thought that one of my threads would ever become this popular and still be active 2+ years later.   I would just like to thank each and every one of you whom have contributed. 
You're also forgetting the pono's native format is FLAC.   Headunits usually can't read Flac. Only mp3 or wav usually.   So digital output on the pono would be pointless for car audio. 
In reguards to Neil's car, at one point in the video you can see tweeters near the a-pillar. So its pretty obvious his speaker system is not stock, and assuning he's smart and knows that his campaign relies on marketing, probably high-end.
Apologies for format, I'm on a terrible mobile. After reading an interview @ www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2014/03/12/289435279/hear-neil-young-explain-his-pono-music-player-at-sxsw I cant help to believe that Neil just might be masterminding this in a direction that he isnt actually telling. If you read between the lines- he's actually talking about the loudness war, but better recorded Mp3's would be a hard sell. Could Neil actually be trying to reverse the loudness wars...
Jesus this year has been an amazing year for hi-fi. New optimal headphone EQ curves (Focal spirit classic + pro / NAD hp50), and now this. I also just learned about the Schitt Valhalla, which is a MUST buy in my book. Anyway, the inner objective in me is skeptical that 24bit 192k is actually better than CD quality, but ofcourse I'll have to try it for myself, or just wait for YouTube videos of blind listening tests (which are sure to come due to the huge stirr this has...
For those of you who don't know, the MDR V6 was the unofficial industry standard for music production /mixing/ radio headphones. Why on earth would Sony discontinue its single most popular and successful headphone. It's official guys.
 Besides the fact that Bose prides itself on active noise cancellation  
Will be changing title back by end of the day. Sorry guys, I used to be a salesman. Its hard turning the "pitch" off sometimes.    Forgive me for my ignorance though, but isn't square wave response just other way of interpreting frequency response and phase shift?    Great find with the KSC75 vs HD800 though! I checked the FR and HD@500hz curve and the similarity is amazing. I checked the 50hz square wave and saw what you were talking about though. I still think the...
Look what i stumbled on guys  Those trendlines sure do look shockingly similar!   Looks like the KSC75 is a Momentum with boosted treble xD. Who would of known? Extra juicy treble for only one easy payment of 335 dollars less!    (updated first post with this juicy graph!)
Thanks for the input guys. My girlfriend saw that i was looking at the Clip Zip online and bought it for me as a present without telling me    Tried rockbox, but i actually prefer the stock firmware (01.01.20). Haven't had any problems whatsoever with "noises" "static" or anything like that.   As for volume, it gets loud enough for me with my KSC75's. This is using the "high" volume setting with the player set to USA though. Through experimenting i found that if you...
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