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The HeadRoom carrying case is on sale for $20 right now. It's a nice case I got a while back for taking my M50s to work. It fits almost everything smaller than the AD700 (plus accessories) which is...almost everything. 
Ok well piano, drums, and cello are my 3 favorite things to listen to so I'm ordering on Monday! :D   GTRagnarok, that looks awesome and the blue is perfect. I'm assuming you got the connectors from Head Direct. What cable and plug did you use?
How do you guys feel these handle pure piano recordings? Something like McCoy Tyner's Soliloquy.
Hmm I don't see a warning about that blip anywhere. I didn't noticed it as much today. Agree that it's quite warm with the boost on. It's just too much. Makes it sound like I covered the KSC75 with a sock. I really just need to get the PortaPros with cord controls for running (I wish Koss would do that with the 75). This will get me through the winter though. It just clips right on to a lip on the treadmill.
If you were splitting your time about 50/50 for music and PC games, would you go with the HE400 or HE500?
Well then I guess how do we define the difference between transparency and openness??
That helps. I really enjoy the clarity of sound that separates all the individual instruments so it sounds like that might be the 400?
I'm very close to ordering the HE400 but I'm afraid I will wish I had sprung for the HE500 instead. Convince me they aren't really $300 better!
Dave, really appreciate you doing this incredible review and answering all these questions but please get back to work and listen to those HE400s some more. 
Just received this little thing from Micca on Amazon. I should have read the review more closely as the inability to hold the volume buttons down is annoying. The clip on mine also seems rather weak (I'm going to see if tightening that little screw helps). I bought the thing out of morbid curiosity more than anything since it's so cheap. Switching the bass boost on or off gives an audible blip of static in the left channel most of the time. I'll keep it because it will...
New Posts  All Forums: