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  Hey there, he and I have exchanged several PMs about this. We're thinking this would actually fit the cable better and I think we're both going to try it. This seller has other sizes as well like 4mm for the two leads to the earcups. Keep in mind we're not really sure how this product will feel/look yet. He used Mogami 2893 cable.
jerg I think you're right but he clearly factors price in there too and the 400 seems to be priced extremely competitively.
My HE400 will be here next week but I'm not opening them until Christmas. If your review comes out before then I just hope it doesn't say "stay away" but I'm not expecting anything like that! I paid less than $400 too so that helps the value meter. :)
  I have the Crossover 27Q from ebay seller accessorieswhole. There's a huge thread on them over at overclock. It's beautiful. Same panels as the 27" iMac/Thunderbolt display. I have not spotted a single bad pixel after 7 months. Not 120hz though if you really need that. It looks like the price has gone up just a bit since I got mine but if you email the seller they usually provide a discount.
HeadRoom has them. Just ordered mine today.
Just ordered my HE400 from Jorge at HeadRoom. Can't wait! Need to figure out a stand solution for these.
Maybe they're just listening to a podcast or something? How do you know? I also don't get bashing a dude because he's using M50 sans amp. It's just a lot easier than worrying about fumbling with an amp when out and about especially for the minor minor improvement one makes for the M50 through an iPhone.
Has anyone tried the DT880 velours on the HE400? I wonder if they would fit.
The HeadRoom carrying case is on sale for $20 right now. It's a nice case I got a while back for taking my M50s to work. It fits almost everything smaller than the AD700 (plus accessories) which is...almost everything. 
Ok well piano, drums, and cello are my 3 favorite things to listen to so I'm ordering on Monday! :D   GTRagnarok, that looks awesome and the blue is perfect. I'm assuming you got the connectors from Head Direct. What cable and plug did you use?
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